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Monday, January 14, 2013


I usually have my posts written a day or two ahead of posting them, but my weekend was thrown off by having Foster taken to the hospital.  He had a respiratory infection, and after taking him to a local hospital, he was taken in an ambulance to a children's hospital, about a 40 minute drive away.  Kind of scary stuff, but we made it through, and after two nights there, he spent the night here and seems to be slowly recovering.

I took a sick day at school and stayed home to help juggle the kids and get the things done around the house that weren't able to get done over the weekend.  The kids are finally both asleep and the stew is in the crockpot, so I can finish up this one that I started a few days ago.

This card was sent to me along with a 25 cent card that I ordered on eBay.  This is the second time that I've gotten a bonus card from a seller, and I thought it was pretty unique.

It was made in 1992 by Megacards, a brand that I've never heard of.  The writeup on the back was pretty interesting, though.

Researchers studied Babe's quickness of motor responses (reaction time), his strength, the stability of his nervous system, his attention span, and his general coordination.  Professor Pitkin reached his "better than one-in-a-million" conclusion mathematically.  Most men are about 60 percent efficient in general coordination, he reported, while the Babe scored 90 percent.  His hearing was better than four out of five people.  His eyes functioned 12 percent faster than normal, and the stability of his nervous system was so superior that he surpassed 499 out of every 500 persons.  The combination of eyes, ears, attention, and nervous system stability made him best of 1,250,000 people... If people were paid according to the number of others who could do their job equally well, Professor Pitkin estimated that the Bambino would have to be paid about $10 million a year - in 1930, or the equivalent of about $85 million today.

Anyways, I've never been a huge follower or fan of early baseball players (I'm not sure if I like Joe DiMaggio more because he was a great player or because of the song "Mrs. Robinson"), but this makes Ruth definitely seem amazing.

I especially liked the "Sultan of Swat" title on the card, because it reminds me of "The Sandlot".  Great movie.

Also, as I was driving around this weekend, I listened to a bunch of songs by a similarly named band...

Sultans were a band from San Diego (late 90s, early '00s) who were fronted by Jon Reis, lead singer of Rocket From The Crypt and Night Marchers, and also in bands like Drive Like Jehu and Hot Snakes.  Sultans are probably the least known of his bands, but they may be my favorite.

Unlike the Sultan of Swat, Sultans probably do a job that most people who play a guitar can do (i.e. they don't play anything that is overly difficult or complicated, just straight up punk rock, loud, fast, and with very little cost spent on production value).  

At some point in time, I might showcase some of my records that I've collected over the years.  I don't have many, but they're all 45's (7 inch records), mostly because they're easier to carry around/store.

Anyways, here's a few songs from Sultans.  They only put out two records and an EP (which I have on vinyl and is pictured above).  Shipwrecked is their later album and is a little poppier and has better production, while the first Ghost Ship, was loud and messy and a little angry.  Here are two songs in about three minutes that give you a pretty good idea of what they're all about.

It's been a while since I did a "Music Monday" post, so I'll double up on the tunes and include a song by Reis' other band, Rocket From The Crypt.

Have a great Monday evening.


  1. Looks like it's from the Conlon Collection set, no?

    1. It DOES look like it, but on the back it says "The Babe Ruth Collection" and has the Megacards logo on it. COMC.com doesn't say that it's "Conlon" (it has it labeled as "Megacards"), but I wouldn't be surprised if was somehow related to that set.

  2. Glad to hear the little guy is doing A-OK...