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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rookie Explosion

A post that's low on comments but high on pictures.  We'll be leaving for our first family trip to the Waco Zoo in a little while, so I'll let the cards speak for themselves.

I was digging through my box of cards to trade during the week.  A blogger had initiated a trade with me, and in addition to some set needs and team cards he was after, he mentioned on his blog that he was in search of rookie cards, regardless of the player/team.

It got me thinking, how many of the cards that I have are rookie cards?  Sometimes it's obvious, because there will be a logo or something on the front.  Other times, you just have to know that it is.

Here are some of the rookies that I found in my binders this week...

Some Padres from 2009 Topps 206.  I really like this set, and they happen to have blasters of these on sale at Walmart, so I've grabbed a few.  Blanks is the only remaining Padre, although he's been bit by the injury bug pretty often.

Here's a pretty cool montage of Padres rookies, dating from Topps sets from 1995 to 2012.  The Khalil Greene is my favorite.  For some reason, I have a bunch of Kouzmanoff rookie cards.  Not complaining there.  Brad Brach is one of my favorite current Padres, mostly due to the fact that he was chosen in the 41st round of the 2008 Draft.  There were 1,274 players chosen before him.  And now he's in the majors.

Here are some more "classic" rookie cards.  I got ahold of the Jim Abbott rookie from '89 Topps in a repack a while back.  I'm proud to say that the Chipper Jones and Derek Jeter rookies were all pulled by me out of packs by me as a kid.  They survived my childhood.

Here are three Padre rookie cards from pre 90s Topps.  Nobody else has ever heard of these guys?  Okay, moving on.

Here are some rookie cards of my all-time favorite Padre, during his Orioles days.

Here are some rookie cards from the Score brand.  I really like the Joey Hamilton dual shot; batting and pitching.  I like the Konerko, despite the uniform.

 Some Upper Deck rookies.  The Paul Faries from 1991 Upper Deck is one of my favorite Padre cards.

What the heck, here's another Paul Faries rookie card.  Dig the pose and the 1991 Fleer design.

Of course, I'm missing a few key Padres rookies here, most notably Tony Gwynn's from 1983.


Thanks for reading.

1 comment:

  1. Excellent!
    I don't have any of the T-206 tribute cards, but every time I see them I'm reminded why I need to make this more of a priority.
    It's fun to see the McCullers, Thurmond, and Sawyer cards.
    From Score, the set the Jerald Clark is from is one of my all-time favorites from that eternally strange decade.
    Lastly, I agree wholeheartedly on the Faries card. Brilliant.
    ...and, what about that Cabrera! Ball making contact in a major way.