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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Plain Swatches

I recently completed my first trade with Roy from Plain Gray Swatch.  The guy is a huge Blue Jay fan (and has a serious man-crush on J.P. Arencibia) and should be a happy camper with all the additions that Toronto has made to their roster since the end of the year- a stark contrast to the complete inactivity of the Padres so far this offseason.

But, onto happier things.  Seeing as how Roy's blog is named after relic cards, it's only logical that the first cards I show are ones that have cut-up jerseys stuck in them.  I'd like to meet the person who is in charge of dicing up a jersey and makes sure that it gets sandwiched between cardboard the correct way.  Jerseys are pretty big, so I figure that's a lot of tiny cuts.  Or maybe there's a machine that hacks 'em up wood-chipper style.  Deep thoughts, I know.

This is my second Gwynn jersey relic.  This one is gray, while the other one is white.  A sharp looking card, even if the swatch doesn't match jersey in the picture.  I wonder how many cards you could get out of a Gwynn jersey, seeing as how his shirt size is probably bigger than most professional ball players?  On the opposite end of the spectrum, Khalil is a little more... trim, so maybe his relic cards are in higher demand, since there's less to go around.  Ok, probably not. 

Being a little selective about the Padres that I put into my binders, I've shut out Kevin Brown for a while now, seeing as how he was basically a player-rental for a year and seemed kinda like a jerk (plus he ended up signing with the Dodgers, an unpardonable sin - though the joke was on them).  However, he did play a major role in the Padres 1998 NL pennant run, and this card does look pretty sweet.  It's got some cool texture to it, and is serial numbered 1,123 of 2,299, for what it's worth (Why did they settle on making 2,299 of these?  Seems like a pretty random number.).

He also included some slick looking Topps Chrome cards of Yonder Alonso, Cam Maybin, and Clayton Richard, but since I already have those, I didn't post them.  Don't worry, they'll find a great home since I just became aware of another Padres fan with a card blog - The Underdog Card Collector!  Hopefully we can spark up a trade and get some of my extra Padres into a good home.

Thanks again for the trade Roy!  And good luck in putting those Yankees into their place in 2013!


  1. Ha! Glad you like them. Is the JPA man-crush that evident?

    A few notes on your comments:

    -I've often wondered myself about big boys and their jerseys. I've only pulled two jersey cards of the same player in my life - both David Ortiz. You may be on to something.

    -Most Padres guys don't seem so high on KBrown, which is fine, but 1998 Topps Stars was a totally awesome set. If I could find some boxes, I'd love to have a break of them. I think the awkward numbering is due to the amount of parallels in the set - base were red and numbered, then cam bronze, silver and (your) gold, and there was also a holofoil version.

    1. Thanks for the info! Yeah, that KBrown was too sweet not to keep.

      BTW, I'm pretty sure that if there's an adult who is into collecting small pictures of men in tight pants, it's a safe bet that they've got a man-crush on somebody, to at least a small degree, so you've got plenty of company.

      Strike that, * we've * got plenty of company.