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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pack Opening Day, pt. 2

I was excited to post yesterday evening.  Since my blog is less than a year old, I wasn't as "plugged in" to last year's Topps release date.  It's pretty fun to blog about what lots of others are blogging about - 2013 Topps - it's like a Pack Opening Day.  However, after posting last night, I felt that my itch hadn't been sufficiently scratched.  It was most likely the one Padre card that I scored out of the whole hanger box, but it also could've been that most of the inserts I pulled seemed a little on the underwhelming side, if you ask me.

Conveniently, I had to run out for some school stuff after the kids went to bed, and since the grocery store closest to us is in the process of moving and they stopped restocking the shelves, the next closest option was... Walmart, the original scene of the crime.

I cruised by the card aisle again on my way to the register, and decided to spring for a rack pack, something small, but fun to rip.  I've been in a pretty good mood all day, due in large part to some choice students being absent from class, and the rest of my kids doing pretty well on our fraction review, which we've been working hard on.

Anyways, the "let's try one more time" pack-buying almost always ends up being a losing proposition.  It's like Vegas, when you just need to know when to walk away.

However, this time I walked away feeling very satisfied.

Yonder Alonso is right behind Chris Denorfia as my favorite Padre.  That this card shows him in the throwback 80s uniforms on a followthrough swing is icing on the cake.  Yonder was in Series 1 last year, but he was shown in his Reds uniform, and Topps didn't rectify it in the Update set (although he was a Padre in the Allen & Ginter and Heritage sets).  

This is the card that I was looking for.

Itching gone.

However, the pack got even better!

TWO PADRES IN A RACK PACK?  The heavens were smiling upon me, because this basically never happens.  Not only that, but another retro uniform.  The only downside with the retro uniforms is that the rest of the card's color scheme doesn't quite match up.  The current "SD" logo and blueish borders make sense with the 2013 iteration of the Padres uniforms, but not so much with the 70s and 80s looks.  Still, was very happy to get this one.

Not only did I score two Padres, but I also got proven wrong.  Previously, I had said that I didn't care for the 1972 mini cards.  I know that they may be nostalgic for some, but that border looks like Froot-Loop barf to me.

However, I'm not a fan of Yu Darvish (the '72 mini that I got the first time), so maybe a change of subject would change my mind?

The short answer is yes.  While I'm still not a big fan of these, is there any denying the awesomeness of this card?

Currently, I can't stand the Angels.  Seriously, is there anybody else they want to buy to add to their impossibly-talented roster?  However, Mike Trout is insanely good, and I can't help but root for the guy.  The man is a beast.

I gotta hand it to Topps, I dig the design.  I thought the 2011 set was pretty good, which was the year I got back into collecting, but I wasn't a huge fan of the 2012 set.  I thought at first it was just because it wasn't "the one that got me back into collecting" (no real "connection"), but it turns out that, yeah, it just didn't look great.

Overall, I'd have to say that I feel like I can now put Pack Opening Day to rest.  I don't have a lot hardly any excess scratch laying around, so I won't be overdoing it with new card purchases, especially since I'm just looking for Padres, which seem to be easy to acquire through trades (right guys?).

Now that I have a few more Padres (and especially the Alonso), I can be happy with what I pulled, make a few trades for the rest of the Friars, and go back to scouring the web for vintage Padres on the cheap.

Just like Rajai in the above card, I'm excited, it's been fun, and this post is all over.


  1. I'm glad you got that Alonso card. When I was opening my boxes Tuesday and saw that one I (of course) thought of you. Justice has been served.

    I completely agree with your thoughts on "Pack Opening Day"...it's pretty darn cool! This is my first go-round with it, too, so it's fun to get swept up in the excitement.

    Great pull with the Trout, by the way. Nice looking card! Trout looks right at home on the '72 design. He would not, however, fit into the "Large and In Charge" set -- haha! I laughed my butt off when I read that! You better email Topps ASAP.

  2. Rajai is working hard at getting 2013 card of the year with that one. I haven't seen a better one yet - but Will Middlebrooks comes close.

  3. I think I like that Cam even more than his short print.

  4. I love the vintage uniforms. Those need to be the everyday uni's. My local retailers have yet to put out any 2013 Topps and starting to go a little nuts.