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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Cards

No, this isn't a Topps 2013 post.  Sorry guys.

However, a week or so ago, Brad from Brad's Blog commented that he had a bunch of Darin Erstad cards that he had laying around, and to shoot him my address if I was interested.

New Erstads?  I've never said no to those!  They came yesterday.

Having his rookie year in 1998, lots of Erstad's cards are of the "look, these are shiny!" variety.  I'm normally not a huge fan of those, but these all look good to me.  I especially like the one on the top row, second from the right, which is a Stadium Club card that has "Never Compromise" written on the bottom, even though you can't see it here.  Pretty cool.

Of course, Brad wasn't done, he also sent a handful of Padres for my Padres binder.

These look a lot better than a glossy set called "Artifacts" should.  I've gotten one or two Mike Piazza cards from his Padres days, but never kept them, always passed them along to other bloggers or my students.  The guy was a DODGER, for crying out loud, I have a hard time believing that he was ever a Padre.  However, this card looks sharp, very classic looking catcher's stance behind the plate, looking for a foul ball.  Can't deny this one a spot in the binder.  And of course, any self-respecting Padre fan is in love Khalil and his flowing blonde locks.

Thanks again for the cards, Brad!  I'll be returning the favor once I get any Phillies worth sending.


  1. I found a copy of that "Baby Boomers" Erstad in a dime box last year. I still think it's one of the better-designed insert sets I've ever seen.

    1. I'm not a huge fan of the name "Baby Boomers" in reference to a grown man, but the colors look sharp there.

  2. Those Artifacts are snazzy. Piazza was actually one of only three Dodgers I didn't hate (Scott Rad and Alex Cora are the others). I got so excited when he got traded to Florida just because he wasn't "one of those" anymore and even more excited when he signed with the Padres.

    1. Yeah, I'm on the other side of that fence. Piazza epitomized the Dodgers in my eyes, so I always rooted against him, even when he left LA. I'm no longer a Piazza-hater, but my childishness towards him lasted a lot longer than I'd like to admit.