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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Favorite Cubs Card

I was on the Padres message board a few days ago, and got excited when I saw a thread on baseball cards.  I clicked on it, but was disappointed to see that it was a question about the value of baseball cards and how much they were worth now, etc.


Don't get me wrong, if I came across a super-valuable card that I wasn't attached to, I wouldn't be above selling it for a tidy profit.

But how awesome is this Jerry Morales card?  I'd say that the awesomeness doesn't necessarily translate to monetary value.

I'm very interested in starting a binder dedicated to the "original" Padres that were taken in the 1968 National League Expansion Draft (original is in parenthesis because the "real" original Padres were in the Pacific Coast League in 1936).

Morales was one of the "originals" taken in the draft, as the Padres snatched him from the Mets with their 8th pick.  He made his MLB debut with the Padres in 1969, but his first Topps card came in 1970.  He was traded by the Padres to the Cubs at the end of the season in 1973, but his 1974 Topps card showed him still rocking the mustard and brown.  In this blogger's eyes, the pink cubs banner is hardly noticeable.

This card came to me by way of eBay a while back, in which I won a furious bidding war that saw six different bidders try to get it, but I walked away with it after plopping down 59 cents.  Shipping was free.

Even though this is technically a Cubs card, it's still a Padres card in my book.  Apparently, he was such a die-hard Padre that he continued wearing a Padres uniform even as he played for the Northsiders.  He was an All-Star in 1977 for the Cubs, and also spent time with the Cardinals, Tigers, and Mets.  He ended his 15 year playing career with a .259 average and 95 homers, and has spent time as a coach for the Montreal Expos, Washington Nationals, and the St. Lucie Mets.

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