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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Grubby Cards

I've heard a lot about the High Number Heritage set around the blogs.  Okay, I guess it's kinda old news now, but I remember thinking at the time, "wow, everybody has pretty strong, negative feelings towards this pricey box set that I will never own."

I figured that most buyers of the product would be set builders (people who wouldn't want to break the set up and part with the Padres cards), or people who were just looking for that big autograph and planned on selling the rest of the base cards on eBay for a hefty price tag.  Either way I'd be out of luck.

Looking at the checklist and only seeing two Padres, I thought, "Ok, no big deal, I can live without those."

Then I got an email from Michael from the blog Grubby Glove.  He had busted a box of HNH and wasn't a huge fan, and I was the benefactor!  I sent him a handful of Giants cards, and in return, I got some cardboard gems to add to my binders.

First up, the centerpieces.

Like I said, only two cards in the set, a promising, fireballing rookie and an experienced vet.  "Cash & Eddie" sounds like a pretty good buddy cop movie.  Given the choice, I might've chosen to include Clayton Richard, Luke Gregerson, Everth Cabrera (NL stolen base leader who wasn't included on a card this year), or Will Venable (since he gets more playing time than Chris Denorfia - my current favorite player - who was already included as an SP to the set).

What is up with Cashner's beard?  On his card from the 20112 Update set, it looked like his beard kind of blended in to the camouflage uniform.  Here, it looks like he's been snacking on Cheetos and the orange, radioactive powder has caked his face.  Maybe it's just me, but it makes his beard seem like it's fake.

As for Edinson, it seems like he's got a friend at Topps.  He was on the checklist for the autographs for the HNH box, and I feel like I've seen his name attached to a few other "authentic autograph" releases in recent memory.  But maybe it's just me.

Still, these cards look sharp.  I love the design and feel, and Heritage was probably my favorite set of 2012.

Also included were some sweet sweet 90s cardboard of two of my favorite guys.  I love the 1991 Fleer set (clearly the best yellow bordered card of all time - let me know if you disagree), and this Crime Dog card is from the Traded set.  Great shot.  I can't believe that I didn't have this Gwynn already, but I didn't.  First-world problem solved.

Lastly, a few more Erstad's to add to the binder.  The 2010 Topps card is the better looking of the two.  I'm not a huge fan of the design, but it's a great action shot of Darin in the outfield, and I love the high socks.  Can't decide if the catch looks graceful or awkward, but way better than the dark, ugly uniforms of the early Angels.  Bonus points, however, go to the Donruss card for being a rookie card, so they're both great in my book.

Thanks for the cards, Michael!  This was tied for my first trade of 2013, as it arrived in the mailbox the same day as another package, one I'll be posting about tomorrow.  I chose to write about this one first because the Heritage cards were a cool trade pickup.  A fun way to start the new year, as I'll be featuring another card from this package in a few days.  I know, real edge-of-your-seat stuff, right?

Have a great Thursday, and be glad that I didn't write an essay on the fiasco that was the Hall of Fame voting.  That is such a load of crap.  I understand "fringe" guys taking a few years to get their due, but what point are you trying to make by having Craig Biggio wait to get elected?  The guy is clearly a Hall of Famer, why does he have to wait to get in next year on an increasingly crowded ballot?  It makes baseball look stupid.


  1. Heritage cards are always a cool trade pickup. Always!

  2. As a bearded gentleman, I c an tell you with high confidence that beards may appear different colours in varying light conditions.

    Cards coming your way, soon.

  3. It's great to read about our trade, Marcus! I'm very happy with the cards I received from you as well. I'll check your blog often, and am certain we'll complete another trade at some point down the line.

    Kindest Regards,
    Michael Jawitz
    AKA: Grubby Glove