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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Golden Great GWYNNsday

Since there's only one more GWYNNsday before 2013 Topps comes out and all the 2012 cards get forgotten, I thought I'd touch on one of the inserts from 2012 that I didn't even realize was in existence until it made it's way to my binders via trade.

I wasn't really a fan of the "gold" theme that ran through a lot of Topps inserts this year.  Usually, I can get behind more cards of greats like Nolan Ryan and Cal Ripken Jr., but with there being multiple cards of each in multiple sets, along with other "greats" that I didn't really care about, I lost interest pretty quick with these.

Until I got ahold of this card.

Gotta love the brown and orange, even though the game description on the back was from 1993, by which time the Friars had changed color schemes to blue and orange.  Now that I actually look at the rest of the card design, it doesn't seem that bad.  The home plate outline looks sharp, and even though the double-interlocking G's are a little gaudy and the lettering is kinda small, it seems to work here.  Who knew that Tony was so photogenic (or cardogenic, to borrow a term from a fellow blogger).

What really makes the card for me, though, is the back.  By flipping the card over, we get a hint as to what the cryptic "Loud and Cleared" phrase pertains to.

Normally, I'm not a huge fan of taking a snapshot of a player (one game) and having it be the write up on the back of a card.  Sorry 1993 Topps, I don't care that Tim Teufel hit two home runs against the Phillies on July 11, 1992.  Especially since he only hit four the whole rest of the season to go along with a .224 average.  Give me something interesting or leave it blank.

However, that Tony had the game winning hit on a bases-loaded, ninth inning double after being down by two runs?  And it was against the Dodgers?  Sounds good to me!

What would've been even better?  If they had mentioned that the Padres were actually losing 4-0 going into the bottom of the ninth, but brought it to 4-2 after an infield single by Gary Sheffield and a two-run homer by Fred McGriff.  Phil Plantier struck out, upon which Derek Bell drew a walk and Kevin Higgins and Ricky Gutierrez followed with singles to load the bases.  Craig Shipley came into run for Higgins, the catcher, but Dodgers pitcher Kevin Gott struck out the next batter, Kurt Stillwell.  That brought up Anthony Keith Gwynn.  The Bums brought in Omar Daal to preserve the victory, who fell behind 1-0 before allowing the walk-off double.

I guess that would've been hard to fit on the back of a baseball card, but knowing the context is pretty cool.  Maybe if I did this with more of these inserts, I'd be more interested in them.  Not going to happen, though.

Still, this was a fun card to get.  Farewell 2012 cards, and welcome to 2013.

Editors Note:  Like I said, I got this card in a trade, and I liked it so much that I thought it deserved its own post.  Of course, now I've forgotten who sent it to me, so if you want to claim it was you, go ahead and post it in the comments so I can give you credit.

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  1. I have a few of these myself - one of my favorite inserts to pull from the 2012 set.

    I never realized all the people who were on that Padres team - damn...