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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

An Exhausted GWYNNsday

I am completely exhausted.  Had a long day at school, followed by meetings afterwards.  Never enough time to get the rest of my work done.  Then came  home and got dinner ready, had time to help get the kids bathed and put into their PJs, and then took off to the church to help out with the scout troop.  It's not something that I particularly enjoy, but I was asked to do it, so I do what I can to help out.

It was a short meeting, which was nice, and when I got home, my wife had just gotten the kids to settle down (not asleep, but at least in their beds), and she wanted to put in a Jillian Michaels workout DVD.  According to the box that it came in, the workout was only twenty minutes long, but it was probably the longest twenty minutes of my life.  I think my recovery time before getting into the shower was almost as long as the workout itself.

Anyways, I wanted to post something, since my GWYNNsday posts are the most consistent feature that I've been able to put together here.

But since I'm so tired, I decided to go with a card that speaks for itself.

1994 Fleer Pro-Vision

At some point, I will put together a list of my favorite Tony Gwynn cards.  This will definitely be on the list, and probably a lot higher than others would put it.  There's something so over-the-top about how ridiculous it is that I can't help but LOVE this card.

Ok, now I'm feeling a little more energized, so I'll make a few comments about this masterpiece...
  • The first thing that comes to mind is "Jedi Master", with Tony wielding a bat instead of a light saber.  I guess the robe might also tie in to the fact that he plays for the Friars.
  • If there was a magical book on hitting, Anthony Keith would probably be the author.
  • I just noticed that there is water in the background, and the boats remind me of San Diego Bay, as do the palm trees.
  • Drawing hands is hard.
Anyways, this card is awesome, and I'm not the first blogger to post about it.  Here are some other ones that I've come across (This Card Is Cool and Baseball Card Bust).  Both are great reads.

Good night.


  1. That may be the sweetest Gwynn I've ever seen....

    On the want list.

    Thanks a bunch for the awesome trade fodder, too! Writing a post about it.....

  2. I agree 100% with Tourist504, that's one of the sweetest, ever. Not only that, I'd never seen it before and being a Gwynn fan, that's deeply appreciated.

    Just discovering your blog and loving it.

    From a fellow Friar fan now 1,804 miles from our home at Petco,
    The Underdog Card Collector

  3. You guys got me curious so I looked it up on Google Maps; I'm 2,682 miles from Petco Park. I'm 4 miles from a Petco and 3 miles from a park but that is of little consolation.