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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Doran Doran

Bill Doran was an infielder who played in the majors for twelve seasons, and spent time with the Astros, Reds, and Brewers.

He finished 5th in the NL in Rookie of the Year voting in 1983 (behind Gary Redus, Mel Hall, Greg McMurtry, and Darryl Strawberry).  Tony Gwynn did not get any votes.

He finished 21st in the NL MVP voting in 1985 (behind lots of people).  Tony Gwynn finished tied for 23rd in the voting that year, with half as many votes as Doran (1).

He led the the NL in times caught stealing in 1986 with 19.  Tony Gwynn only had 9.

And on this card, Bill Doran got Tony Gwynn out on a double play.

I guess some people just have your number.

Congrats on constantly one-upping Mr. Padre, Bill.  And for being on one pretty awesome card.


  1. key-rap. i need that doran card! let me know if you have an extra.

  2. Absolutely fantastic card.

    This highlights the problems of those factory sealed UD sets from my childhood (89 - the 90's): gotta source doubles to enjoy them.

    I'd forgotten about this card, but was immediately brought back upon seeing it.

    Phenomenal post, great card!

    Adding you to my blogroll, now...

    ...let's get a Gwynn / SD trade going!