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Friday, January 18, 2013

Don't Bite Your Tongue

When I got home from school yesterday, my wife greeted me in a panic at the door.  My almost-two year old daughter was behind her and was looking a little watery-eyed and red-faced.  She explained to me that less than a minute ago, she had been playing on the couch, and when she jumped down, she face planted into the coffee table and had "bit through her tongue".

Hearing the phrase "bit through her tongue", I was thinking that there might be a red lump of taste buds lying on the rug in the living room, or maybe some almost-severed flesh rolling around in her mouth, only hanging on by a few slobbery threads.

Ok, as I read the disgusting description that I've just written, I guess this is a good time to say that, while it looked pretty gnarly, upon re-inspection it turned out to be just a deep cut, nothing emergency room-worthy.  Lots of popsicles today, and she seems to be just fine.

Watching her play with her tongue for the remainder of the night (and occasionally crying) made me self conscious about how much I stick out my tongue when I'm concentrating.  She does the same thing, which makes the scientist in me wonder if this is a learned or inherited trait.  Whatever it is, Kurt Stillwell definitely has it, as almost half of the cards I had of him also featured his tongue peeking out.

I can't imagine this habit having a negative effect on your hitting, and Huston Street seems do be doing pretty well pitching and sticking out his tongue from the right side, so these guys will be okay.

Sticking out your tongue while some dude is barreling towards you as fast as he can?  Probably not the smartest idea.  Fortunately for Nick's taste buds, he's in front of the plate, and the throw is behind the runner.  Unfortunately for San Diego, this Diamondback is safe at home.

It looks like Ray is showing off the fact that he dove in head first and still has his mastication manipulator in tact.  What a daredevil and a showboat.  Either that, or he's taking the phrase "eat my dust" to a literal extreme.

Anyways, the title of this post isn't in reference to Kristen getting kicked off Top Chef last night (she should've spoken up at the judges table, but kept muttering "bite your tongue" to herself while she got badmouthed by a lesser chef who should've gotten kicked off instead).  Nope, no hidden meaning here.  

Imagine what your mouth would look like without it.

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  1. That Tolbert...I don't know if "Top Prospects" really drives the point home with any degree of confidence for the fan base with that shot. More like, "Padres: The Newb Sent Back to AA Ball." Hilarious card.

    Need to find that Hundley!