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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Crime Dogs from Jaybarkerfan

The buzz around the blogosphere has been plain white envelopes arriving on bloggers' doorsteps (or, more likely, in their mailboxes) containing handfuls of cardboard goodness.  Not only are they no-strings-attached cards, but they are specifically catered to the recipient (i.e. mine were all Padres).

While there were some good cards in both of the envelopes that came to me (a few days apart), these were easily this highlights...

A pair of McGriff cards that I had been on the lookout for!  These are both really awesome.  I love the Procter & Gamble card is from the 1992 All Star Game, which was in San Diego.  Since I went to the Fan Fest with my dad, I like finding stuff commemorating that particular game.  The 1993 Topps Gold card is also cool, especially since the only gold cards I ever got were of totally lousy players. 

Of all of the other cards that were sent, this was my other favorite.  This is a mini-sticker from the 2004 Topps Cracker Jack set.  Ramon Hernandez was a part of the 2005 Padres juggernaut that won the NL West crown with an 82-80 record.

Thanks a lot Jaybarkerfan!  I checked out the email that I sent him letting him know of my address, and it was way back in June, so needless to say, this was a totally unexpected delivery!  I've even moved since then (just across town), so I was glad they finally made the way to my door.  If you'd like to be the recipient of an envelope like this one (or the team of your choice), check out his blog and shoot him an email, he's a great guy.


  1. I did a post of my Padres doubles over at Friars on Cardboard; let me know which, if any, you don't have and I'll send them your way along with a couple other things I've been meaning to mail you.

  2. I'mafanof Jaybarkerfan. I'm quite new (again) to our hobby and even more of a newb to the blogging realm and Jaybarkerfan already dropped a postal bomb in my mailbox that exploded into a pile of rad Padres cards. You indeed got some serious cardboard with this group!