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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bettering the Collection

I recently completed a trade with a relatively new blogger.  Ryan, the author of Building a Better Collection, was kind enough to send these cards, along with a bunch of others, in exchange for a bunch of Braves, Twins, and Yankees.

I'll start off with my favorite part of the package: the vintage!

One of my goals this year is to complete one of the Padres team sets from either 1969, 1971, or 1973.  Here are four cards that will get me closer to realization.  The '71 cards are ones that I hadn't seen before, so those were cool to get.  The Marshall card doesn't look like a Padres uniform, and he was with the Mets in '72, so maybe that's an Amazin's uniform that was photoshopped.  Enzooooo makes two appearances, and how could I not include a guy who's last name is Champion?

Ryan happens to live in Jamestown, North Dakota, hometown of Darin Erstad.  He sent me 27 Erstad cards, which almost doubled my collection.  These two were my favorites, from the 2002 Donruss Originals set.  I already blogged about another Erstad from this same set, which I think I might still might like better than these two, but this '84 style is a close second.

Here are a bunch of other Erstads that were also included.  These look pretty sweet.

I know that some of these might not be a lot to look at, especially since it's not like these old Score cards are the "missing pieces" of a set I'm trying to complete.  I just like 'em.  Most Gossage and Garvey cards are keepers in my book.  The Gonzalez Bowman card is a cool throwback, and I was a big Luis Durango fan for the 37 games he was a Padre.  He kinda reminds me of Dee Gordon, except he was an outfielder.

Lastly, a cool bonus to the package, he included an autographed card from Yasmani Grandal.  He's currently suspended for 50 games for testing positive for testosterone.  In true human form, I have less of a problem with him because he's on "our" team.  Still disappointed, and I question what the guy's all about, but hopefully he can perform as well as he did last year once he's clean.  I mean, Ray Lewis is revered, and he was once accused of murder, so as long as he makes the changes he needs to, I can forgive him.  I also like this Quackenbush card.  Dude's supposed to be a good prospect, as well as the owner of a pretty awesome last name.

There's a few other cards that were sent that I'll be showcasing on a later post, but so much good stuff here.  Thanks for helping me build a better collection, Ryan!  Check out his blog, it's on my blogroll, and well worth the read.


  1. Hackenbush just has to comment on Quackenbush.

  2. Great Grandal. I really like his cards.

    I forgot you were a big Erstad fan before I taped up your package. I'll start a pile for trade V.2.

  3. I got a bunch of erstad's i have no need for, shoot me your address and i'll send em over next weekend

  4. Crazy timing, posting those Enzo cards when you did. R.I.P.

    1. Just found out about that. Tragic stuff man. RIP indeed.