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Monday, January 7, 2013

Back to the Grind

Today is the first day of school in 2013 for this 5th grade teacher.

The two week break was really nice, and it was fun to spend time with my family (made the drive from San Diego) and my sister in law (flew out from northern California).  I have a post in the works that will reference some things we did, but a sick little girl and a clingy baby have kept me on my toes and away from my laptop.

Reality, though, is smacking me in the face, and sleeping in a few hours (7:30 instead of 5:30) and spending all day with my family will be missed.

Anyways, I wanted to post something today, but not do a whole lot of writing.  Luckily, I have a few pictures of cards in my "on deck" folder that have been waiting for a while for their time in the sun.

I normally hate the '88 Donruss design, but I think it looks really sharp with the Angels uniform here.  This is probably my favorite Darin Erstad card, or at least in the top three.  This is a set, similar to Topps Archives, that was released in 2002.

I wasn't a huge fan of a lot of the inserts from 2012 Topps, but the Classic Walk-Offs were an interesting set.  I don't love the design (or even like it that much), since there seems to be a lot of dead space, and there are two small pictures of the same person instead of a regular sized one.  Why?  Still, the Podsednik walk-off homer was a big one for me.  I remember watching it at my grandma's house, back when my loyalty to the Padres was put in jeopardy after a two year stay in Chicago and a great playoff run.

I got this card (and the rest of the cards in this post) off COMC, during their "weekend after Thanksgiving sale" and got free shipping.  I needed this one to complete my 1984 Topps set, but in my effort to get the cheapest version of the card available, I found out that I got the "Nestle" version instead of the regular "Topps" version.  Fortunately, I don't really care about the word in the top right, and had no problem sliding it into it's spot in the page with it's Topps cousins.  I realize the very thought might make other collectors cringe.  It doesn't bother me.

The rookie card of one of my favorite players of all time, from my favorite set of all time!  This isn't my favorite Cianfrocco, but it's still pretty awesome.  I feel like I should write more about it, but imagine something eloquent, witty, or inspiring in this sentence.  Archi deserves it.

Look at that!  Four cards, and only one was a Padre card.  Fancy that.

Anyways, that is all.  May this Monday be the best Monday of your entire life.  Or at least in the top five.


  1. Ya know, I really dislike the '88 Donruss design, too. But, for some reason, I totally dig the same design in the 2002 Originals set. Maybe it's the better level of photography? I'm not sure.

  2. I like how on the Nestle card, the cutout still matches the Topps logo.

    And clearly the only way 88 Donruss looks good is if you put an Angel on it. 8 )