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Tuesday, January 8, 2013


As you may realize, there is a newfangled header on the top of this blog.  Pretty cool, right?  Well, it looks a little better than it did before, at least.

I've been admiring a lot of the design work that I've seen on other blogs, especially with the creation of some custom cards.  I already featured some from Cards From The Quarry, and I recently found another post by a new (to me) blog, Building A Better Collection that had some cool stuff as well.  After seeing what they were able to do, I got a little jealous of their skills, and tried to come up with something more interesting than just the title of my blog in yellow letters as a header.

I originally wanted to go with this image.  Even though I was definitely not a fan of the orange/brown uniform combo as a kid (they had just started moving towards the blue and orange color scheme by the time I was entering the Friarhood), I like 'em now, and I like this picture.  The catcher congratulating the closer on a victory and a job well done is a classic, especially since All-Star Huston Street is a classy guy and doesn't have to do some fancy dance to show how awesome he is.  He acts like he's done it before, and like he's going to do it again.

In the end, I decided against it because the brown and orange didn't really match the rest of the blog colors, and I like the way the rest of it looks now.  That, and this was as big as I was able to get the picture, so it was a pretty small header.

Then I found this picture.  It kind of reminded me of some cards that I had...

from 2011 Topps.

I did a little research, and found out that these are the uniforms that the Padres wore on July 29, 2010.  In that game, the Padres, not only sporting some awesome throwback uniforms, also scored a 5-4 victory on a walk-off single by pinch hitter Oscar Salazar, scoring Scott Hairston.  Kinda cool to have a card showing one angle of the celebration, and another picture from a different angle.

Anyways, using my rudimentary knowledge of... what, I don't even know what it's called (I did the whole thing in the "Preview" window of my Mac), I cropped the photo, added a classy yellow border and a few words and bam, instant header.

Every time I look at it, I'll think of better days.  On that day, the Padres were in first place, had just won in walk-off fashion, and had beaten...

the Dodgers.

Of course, the Padres were pushing towards the playoffs, and that very day, they made the blockbuster move of bringing in... 36 year old Miguel Tejada.  Surprisingly, he hit .268 with 8 homers in his 59 games with San Diego, but it wasn't enough to keep the Padres from choking the lead away to the Giants in September.

Anyways, I went through a few versions of the header, but I'm not sure I'm done tinkering with it yet.  It's good enough for now, though.

I also added a petition at the very bottom of the blog that will most likely do nothing but should be at the top of the list of things for the new Padres ownership to do.


  1. Looks good. And I signed the petition.

    Also what exactly was learned about Jack Murphy that made him lose the distinction of having a Stadium named after him? I'd sign that petition too.

  2. I thought those unis were ugly during their era, but now I just love those Padres throwbacks.