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Sunday, January 27, 2013


As of today, there are officially 77 followers of all the way to the backstop...

Maybe the number seems high to you, maybe it seems low.  When I started writing, the goal was never to acquire as many followers as I could.  However, as a writer, the more people I see that are reading, the more motivated I get to do so.  So thanks to everybody who has followed, and even more so to those who continue to read.

I love that I've been able to post so much Padres content - and other things that probably don't appeal to the masses - but there are still a few who will follow and comment from time to time.  Hopefully I'm able to make it interesting for those who don't really care about my beloved Padres, which is probably most of you.

So here's my gift to my 77 followers and all the others who may stumble across this page from time to time:  three cards from '77 Topps.  All mustachioed Friars.

At some point in time, I think it'd be fun to have a "Friar Facial Hair Bracket", kinda like a March Madness deal.  Not sure how I'd be able to work that out, or if there'd be any interest, but it's one of the ideas rolling around in the back of my head (apparently there's lots of unused space that makes it easy to be "rolling around").

Who would win this matchup?  I want  to lean towards Kubiak, since I think that if my 'stache was ever to live up to it's fullest potential, it would look like his.  However, I believe that there is no denying Dangerous Dave Tomlin.  The dude is in it to win it.

Until next time, amigos.


  1. Congratulations! That's a feat, and well earned.
    Great cards to go along with a happy announcement.
    Last time I checked I have 17 and frankly, that feels like 17 more than I'd ever expected! : )

  2. Tomlin's 'stache all the way, my friend.

  3. Keep it going!! As of this comment you're at 78,...

  4. That reminds me I kinda inadvertently abandoned the "Mustache Monday" theme I had going over at FoC. Seems like a fine time to revive it.