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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Two Harpers

Thanks to everybody who's congratulated our family on our newest addition.  We came home yesterday and spent the first night with our little bundle.  He's doing well, and he's fortunate to have an awesome mom.  And... he's got me, so that's something.

Anyways, after showering the new guy with a bunch of attention, it got me thinking about our "older" child.  I mean, she's only 21 months old (yes, I'm one of those people that I used to make fun of that knows the number of months that their child has been alive), but she's no longer the baby of the family. She's still adjusting to being an older sister, but she'll get the hang of it.

Like her younger brother, she has a name that is commonly thought of as a surname.  When we were trying to decide on names for her, my first choice was "Grace".  Okay, I suppose if you're a Cubs or a Diamondbacks fan, that might a popular last name.  But for the rest of the world, it's not.  However, the name that she ended up with is the same last name of one of my favorite catchers when I was growing up...

Hint: her name isn't Brian.

Okay, so I'm not really sure why I was a big Harper fan as a kid.  I don't have very many cards of him, but I think almost all of them are in his catcher's gear, which is cool.  Also, the dude can rock a 'stache like nobody's business.  Looked like a real tough guy.

In my mind, he was always a Twin, but looking it up, I found out that he actually started his career with the Angels, before going to Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Detroit, and Oakland.  The Twins were his sixth team!  They were also the team he did the best with, hitting for a .306 average in his six years there.  Only had 48 homers in his time there, but not too shabby, all things considered.

His first game in the majors was in 1979, at the age of 19.  Hmmm... a teenage phenom named Harper?  Sound familiar?  His last year in the majors was in 1995, and he is currently managing the Daytona Cubs, Chicago's Single A team.

Of the four binders that I have my cards in, three of them are full of Padres.  The one that is for the rest of the teams is pretty packed, so I obviously don't put much emphasis on the non-Friar contingent of the baseball card world.  However, I have held on to all of the Harper cards that I've come across.

Guess I've always liked the name.  Hopefully my daughter's mustache isn't as full as Brian's.

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