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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Trade with Steve

A blog reader named Steve hit me up a while back to start a trade, and the package made it's way to my mailbox over the weekend.  I've seen Steve's name pop up in trade posts on other blogs, so it seems like he's been wheeling and dealing lately.  The man can craft a trade like a pro; every card in the package was of a player that I collect, which very cool of him.

I'll go ahead and start with my three favorite cards of the package...

DENO!!!  I've never been one to try to get every possible variation of a particular card.  Seems a little excessive, especially if the only difference is sometimes just the color of the border.  That being said, Denorfia's 2011 Topps card is becoming one of my all-time favorites, so I think it'd be cool to find all of the parallels of this one.  Oh, I just looked it up, there are a lot more than I thought there were.  Why!?  Oh well, might still give it a go.  At least I have this one.

I took Paulie off the "Player Collection" list, because there are just too many cards of his out there that are just kind of... blah.  However, on my "Want List", I included the caveat that if there were any cool cards of the Southside Captain, to send them my way.  These two cards fall into that category.  Can I even say that in good conscience about a Dodger card?

There were a few of these "World Series Heroes" cards that were included.  They were all cool, although I don't know if they should really be described as "World Series" heroes.  Tony had a home run in Game 1 of the '98 Series, but the Pads got swept by the Yankees.  Cal Ripken Jr. and Nolan Ryan are icons of the game and all-time greats, but they weren't exactly known for their World Series heroics.  Still cool cards.  This Yonder Alonso card helped me complete the 2012 Allen & Ginter Padres set.  I really liked this set.  That is all.

Here is some other cardboard goodness Steve sent my way.  The Darin Erstad card is from the 2003 Upper Deck "Standing O" set.  Can't say that I love it, but it's pretty original, and looks good.  The "3000 Club" Gwynn card is a lot cooler in hand than I thought it would be, with thick stock and a cool die cut.  Can't ever have enough Steve Finley cards, either.

Not pictured were some other sweet cards, including some serial numbered Trevor Hoffman's.  I'm quickly running out of space on my Picasa web album, so I'm trying to be conservative in the pictures I upload.  If any other bloggers could let me know what they do to get around this (or if you just pony up the $2.50 a month to upgrade the memory space).

Anyways, this was a great deal on my end.  Thanks again for the trade Steve!

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  1. Glad we could put something together! Thanks again for the trade!