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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Trade With Scott

A week or so ago, a reader named Scott emailed me about a card on my trade list (some people are still looking at it!), and said that he had a bunch of cards from guys I collected.  To be honest, I barely even glanced at the list, as I could tell that he had already scoured the list and made sure that I wasn't getting stuff that I already had.  Also, I love being able to turn cards that I don't need into cards that I actually want, so I don't mind if the number of cards I give up isn't equal to the number of cards that I get in return (it also helps keep the trading box from getting too full).

Anyways, the padded envelope arrived on Monday, which was a nice way to end a horrifically long day at school.  So many things to grade and things to finish before the kids leave for Christmas break.

I mentioned that I only briefly perused the list of cards he was sending my way, because most emails start the same way:  "I have some Gwynn's, McGriff's, and Hoffman's to send."

Now, don't get me wrong, I do love getting cards from those guys.  They're Padre greats, and it's not like that's a very big club.

However, some of the other guys that I collect are more fun to get because they're a little harder to find (seriously, I flip out whenever I get an unexpected Archi Cianfrocco card in the mail).

Darin Erstad falls into that "not-often-seen-in-trade-packages" category, which makes sense, since it's pretty apparent that the author of this blog is a Padres fan, and Erstad was never blessed (or cursed, depending on your viewpoint) with the opportunity to play in America's Finest City.  I'm guessing that most people just don't think to send him to me.

Still, Scott saw it on the list, and delivered the goods, adding almost an entire page to my Erstad collection.  I'm saving my favorite card of that group for tomorrow, because it deserves it's own post, but here are a few of the "other" Erstad's.

The Padres get a lot of flak (and deservedly so) for their many uniform changes.  However, I would say that the worst Padre uniforms are at least on par with the gray pinstriped "wing and ball" Angels unis.  The combination of the ugly uniform and late 90s card design makes a lot of early Erstad cards pretty rough to look at, but these are some of the better ones I've seen.  That's a good shot of Darin in the home pinstripes and the "Jackie Robinson 50th Anniversary" patch, and the kid in me loves the foil on the "New Horizon" label.

Some early 90s Crime Dog!  These were numbers 60 and 61 to the McGriff Blue Jay/Padre collection. Not too shabby.

Did I mention the Gwynn cards?  This was my favorite one.  I usually hate when somebody thinks they're good enough to share a piece of cardboard with Mr. Padre (I'm looking at you, Canseco), but Will "The Thrill" is a worthy partner.  I'm not sure what I like more, the combination of orange and brown on both uniforms, or that the "Hit Kings" are looking in completely opposite directions.  This isn't a "Top 10" Gwynn card, but I like it enough that it could make the top 20.  There's a list that will never be completely finished.

Anyways, thanks for the cards, Scott!  Especially the Erstad's!

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