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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Trade from the Hot Corner

I love finding new blogs out there.  For every great blog that I read frequently, there was once a humble beginning.  It all had to start somewhere.

I forget how I stumbled across Hot Corner Cards, but I'm glad that it happened.  Patrick, the author of the blog, is a big fan of the Tigers and Alan Trammell.  I think I prefer blogs where there's a team that is followed more prominently than others (since that's what my blog is like).

Anyways, I hit up Patrick for a blind "Tigers for Padres" trade, and though he was a little quicker on the draw than I was, my end of the trade was shipped out on Christmas Eve day, so it'll get to Michigan soon.  

My favorite part of the cards that Patrick sent is that they were almost exclusively from the early 90s, which is my favorite era for baseball cards (being when I first got started).  There were some cool looking Tony Gwynn and Fred McGriff cards included in the package as well, but I already had those two, so they won't make an appearance on this post.

Starting off with some early 90s Padre pitchers.  For Christmas last year, one of my younger brothers got me "Padres Essential", a book on everything Padres.  It was written in 2006, so it's a little dated, but on the "All-Time Padres Team", Hurst and Lefferts were chosen as some of the best Padres pitchers (that may be more an indictment on Padres futility than a glowing resume for the pair).  Bruce was 55-38 as a Friar, with a 3.27 ERA (from '89 to '93), while "Lefty" was 40-42 with 64 saves and a 3.42 ERA (from '84-'87 and '90-'92).  Tim Scott has a sweet mustache, and I have an autographed card of his, so he must be awesome as well.

Stellar photography on these two.  This is most likely the only card of Paul Faries that will make it onto the blog and into a binder.  Love the shots of middle infielders "turning two" and avoiding the runner.  This Lance McCullers shot is less than intimidating.  Seems like he's trying to brace for the line shot back up the middle.

This is probably my favorite card of the trade.  I already have a Tony Gwynn card like this, so I actually knew what it was when I got it.  This is a 1988 box-topper, that had to be cut out individually.  Obviously, whoever did the trimming on this either had a really dull knife or didn't know how to use scissors (I'll assume that this was the condition that Patrick got it in).  Anyways, it seems like it gives this card more character.  Plus, all the other Kruk cards that I've seen from his time with the Padres are pretty rough on the eyes, and this is the best shot I've seen of him.

Just to prove that they weren't all from two decades ago, he included two parallels that I didn't have from this year's set.  The gold sparkle parallels seem to be growing on me, but last year's diamond sparkle parallels won't be topped for a while, in my opinion.

Anyways, if you haven't done so already, check out Patrick's blog, it's worth a read or two.  Seems like he's a good guy, team loyalties notwithstanding.  Hope everybody had a merry Christmas!  2013 is just around the corner!

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