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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Naming Rights - Contest

For those of you who may not know, my wife is pregnant with our second child (I don't say "we're pregnant" like some people because it just sounds strange).  Her original due date was December 19th, but last week her doctor recommended that she be induced on Wednesday night, and hopefully have the baby sometime on Thursday.  She was very happy to hear this, and cannot wait.  Other than a deep clean of the house, everything is ready to go (e.g. kid's room, pajamas and food for the overnight stay, a sitter for our daughter, etc.).

As a father, of course I am excited.  Maybe even a little more so this time because it will be our first son.  It's a little strange for me, since I was nervous about having a girl the first time, and now I can't imagine having a child who's not a daughter.

I don't know how most couples are, but we discussed baby names pretty early in our relationship, years before we started trying to add to our family.  Of course, with all of our planning, the names that we liked early on didn't stand up over time, I think mostly because they weren't "new" to us, they were "old" names by the time we finally needed them.

Anyways, this is a blog for baseball cards and the word "contest" is in the title.  What gives?

Ok, here it is:  Guess the name that we chose to name our son, and get... some cards!

I'd be more specific with the kinds of cards, but I figured I'd wait and see who wins, and then personalize the cards to that person (what sets they're collecting, what their favorite players/teams are, etc.).

Seeing as how there is an infinite number of possible names to choose from, I decided to help you narrow it down a bit.  Especially since there seems to be a growing trend where you make up your own name, or spell a common name in a completely different way than the rest of the world (this is why kids these days can't spell very well).  The name is included on one of the following Padre cards from my collection.  They are mostly in alphabetical order, hopefully you can read the names alright with the glare of the gloss.

To win, you need to
1) be a follower of the blog
2) guess the correct name in the comments
3) also tell me which baseball player you would/did name a child after (if you had to)

If nobody guesses it, I'll choose a winner based on... some criteria that I'll make up later (maybe the name with the closest initial letter to the actual name, or the funniest comment, etc.).

I already have the post revealing the winner all typed up and ready to go, that way I can just add the detailed info (winning guess, name, time of birth, weight, etc.) and hit "publish".  Since the kiddo should be making his appearance sometime on Thursday, I'd guess it'd be Thursday night or Friday when I do the update, but it could be later, understandably.

Anyways, just thought that this would be a fun way to celebrate a truly joyous occasion, as well as thin out my box of cards to trade, and spread the "giving spirit" of Christmas.   Good luck!  Hopefully once he comes, we'll be able to settle on a middle name.  There's a few that we're trying to decide on, but I wouldn't be surprised if one that we haven't thought of yet ends up as our choice.

Editor's Note: My wife wanted me to make it abundantly clear that we weren't naming our child after a baseball player, it just so happened that we chose a name that has a connection to the Padres.


  1. So, I thought for sure it would be Archi, but since he's not on there, it's got to be Gaylord...if you wanted your kid to get a million swirlies and wedgies. Final answer: Chase.

    We're having a girl in February, our first, so no baseball names. But when we didn't know the sex, I was trying to sneak Coot or Orville in as a middle name.

    And cograts, man!

    1. Archi's first name is actually "Angelo" which I suggested for a middle name (not my first choice, though). It was vetoed.

  2. Welcome to Raul Oddibe Akinori Backstop Cards. You'll like it here. Be nice to your sister. Seriously, wait until you meet her friends in high school....

    Congrats you two!!!!

  3. Congrats!

    I'm gonna guess Kevin. I was gonna go Chase, but Dhoff picked it. Kevin is my first son's name, so it caught my eye.

    My younger son's name is Shawn Taylor. We named him after my grandmother Shoshana, but I'm also a huge Redskins fan and Sean Taylor was the 'Skins safety at the time, so we went with it. Sadly, last week was the fifth anniversary of Taylor's death.

  4. I am going to guess Bobby.

    If I had to name my child after a ball player, I would pick Sanford Koufax. Sandy Spiegel sounds like a proper name.

  5. Congrats and thanks for the contest!

    I'll say Alan. I certainly hope you don't name your kid Bip, though. :)

    If I were to name my kid after a ballplayer, I'd probably name him "Robert" after my all-time favorite player, Roberto Clemente.

  6. It's "Greg," of course!

    I'd name my kid after Mordecai "Three Fingers" Brown. Not the "Three Fingers" part, of course. But you just don't get a lot of kids named Mordecai anymore.

  7. First of all, Congrats !! On the name it would guessit gonna be Bobby ! If i had to chose i would go forTom although my two boys have more of a Dutch name !

  8. I'm going to go with Chase. Classy and modern - and a very "baseball" name.

    We've already talked about naming our chilluns with "E" names. I was shot down with Evgeny, so it's loooking like Edmund - which as far as first names go, I don't know any. If I were to name a kid after a ballplayer, though: Xander Boegaerts.

  9. I'll go with 'Goose'! Kidding! How about Scott.

  10. I would pick Chase as the name as well, but since it's been selected already I'll go with James. As for me, I don't see my wife ever going with a baseball player name for our child...

  11. i'll go with aaron. i saw the giles card and so considered marcus. maybe i should have gone that route. don't think i didn't notice the lack of steve garvey cards in the photos, either. still, i'll stick with aaron. please, no gaylord or sterling. unless either of those are your choices. in which case, awesome choice! congrats!

    my son is not named after a ballplayer of any sort. not that steven patrick wouldn't have been a good name.

  12. Lets guess Jerald because it is spelled different. And if I would name my child it would be Eli, I like that name.

  13. I'll guess Mark.. only because no way you're naming your kid after Bip Roberts

    If/when I have a kid I want to name him after Optimus Prime.. but if i had to choose a baseball player his/her first name would be Mickeymorandini

  14. I'll say Kurt, because most of my first choices were already guessed :)

    For me, Willie seems like it'd be a good name. Maybe even Mookie.

  15. I'm guessing Cameron.

    When I saw the post-title, I was hoping that it would be a contest where the winner actually got to name your child. That would show true dedication to the card blogosphere. Of course, we would have to name him "Richard Face."

    I think Ozzie is a good name for a kid, too. Full disclosure, my son has a boring-person name. James.

    1. Actually, when I started writing this post, I was planning on pretending like we couldn't think of a middle name, so we were going to leave it up to the commenters to come up with one, but I couldn't find a way to make it sound like a joke, it just sounded crazy. Never changed the post title, though.

  16. I'm going to have to go with 'Carter'.

  17. Congratulations! I'll go with Sterling, its a little bit different than the norm but not too different... Definitely naming my future kid Garciaparra...eh, that probably won't go over too well with the Mrs. so maybe Nomar.

  18. My first guess was Carter then I read all the way down to find that TTG just grabbed it.
    I'll go with Kendall.

  19. My fellow Greg and I are on the same page.

    It must be Greg.

    Personally, my kid is going to be named Chase after Chase Utley. It's one of many names I've thought of and landed on for future use.

    And congrats!

  20. Congrats!!

    I'm going to guess Jackson.

  21. Let's go Eric, and how about Don (with an option for a middle name of "Wakamatsu")?

    @NO: And when Mordecai becomes a great-uncle, you've got a regular Fiddler on the Roof production on your hands!

  22. Josh took my answer of Cameron, that's the one that stood out to me. If I can't choose something already taken, then I'll go Akinori. It's gotta be that.

    Congrats on the little guy.

  23. as a couple of gregs have done, i'll choose my name. as i glaced at the cards, it was the first i saw, so maybe it's a lucky one...

    oscar :)