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Friday, December 21, 2012

My Eyes Hurt

So I mentioned yesterday that there was an Erstad card that I got from Scott that deserved it's own post. 

This is that card...

Why does it deserve it's own post?

5. I'm pretty sure this is the only set that features Darin during his days as a Cornhusker.

4. Don't you hate when you look at a card and you can't find the player's name?  Not as much of a problem here.

3. How can you not be excited?  There's an exclamation point by his name!

2. If you're tired of the uninspired/unoriginal designs of today's base sets, you know that it could be worse.

1. Scott sent me three other Erstad's from the same set, but when I took a picture of them all together, my retinas started to melt.

If you think it sounds like I didn't like this card, you're right.

I love it.  I've got a decent amount of Erstad's cards on the Angels, a few on the Astros, and even though I'm still looking for my first White Sox card of his, those aren't the most difficult to find.

A card of one of my favorite players from his college days?  From some set I've never heard of?  That's pretty awesome.

After looking on COMC, I found out that this wasn't the best Erstad from the set.  That award would go to the one of him in his Cornhuskers football uniform.  Turns out that before winning the World Series in 2002, he won a national championship as the Nebraska punter in 1994.  How awesome is that?

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