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Monday, December 17, 2012

Nap The Dog

Over the weekend, I took my daughter to the park.  When we pulled up, there was a group of five or six bigger kids (I'd guess 4th-6th grade) that were clowning around on the top of the slide.  We'd been there for about four or five minutes, when I heard a yell and saw a kid fall from the top of the slide and crumple like a load of laundry onto the bark below.  

Apparently he had been hanging onto the top of the entrance of the slide, and his brother hit his hands, causing him to fall the 15 or so feet onto the ground.  He had a good deal of blood running down his face and had bark sticking out of his mouth and nose.  Pretty gruesome.  The only other adult there was an Army guy with a pair of sleeve tattoos and a young daughter.  He looked around for the kid's parents, and not finding them, walked the sobbing kid over to the other side of the park to try to find them.

A few minutes later, Mr. Sleeves came back and recanted that he ripped into the parents for not being anywhere near their kids who were goofing around, and said that the kid's nose looked like it was broken.

We bonded over our distaste for parents who took their kids to the park to get away from them, and later found out that we both loved baseball.  He was a Ranger fan who named his dog Napoli (a rescue).  He told me about the first time that he took him to the park and found out that he used to be a hunting dog, because he leapt out of his truck, dove into the lake, and killed a duck.  The people who were fishing and the kids who were watching were not amused.

Anyways, now that Napoli has signed with the Red Sox, he said that he's contemplating changing the dog's name to "something that can't be traded away."  His wife doesn't get it, but he's pretty broken up about it.

I myself was a big Napoli fan, as his postseason dominance in 2011 coincided with the first World Series that I took an interest in since 2005.  He had a down season last year, and I'm not sure that he's got a whole lot left in the tank, but hopefully he does well in Boston.  The Rangers have had a tough offseason, hopefully their prospects are all they're hyped up to be.  This Archives Deckle Edge insert is probably the last Napoli card that we'll see of him in a Ranger uniform.

Limbeck is one of my favorite bands of all time.  Their album "Hi, Everything's Great" is one of my favorite albums of all time.  This song is called "Names For Dogs", and is off their album "Let Me Come Home".  I haven't listened to it for a while, but I'm pretty sure that "Napoli" isn't mentioned in the lyrics.

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