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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

All Bunting, All the Time, Pt. 2

Despite the tight pants, wearing a cup, and dressing the same as the rest of your co-workers, it's pretty easy to look cool as a baseball player.

Especially on baseball cards.  There are lots of "iconic" poses; the action shots of sluggers at the plate, shortstops turning a double play, outfielders making a diving catch, and pitchers in their windup.  There are still shots of players sitting contemplatively in the dugout, catchers conferencing with their pitcher, or even signing autographs for fans.

In all of these shots, it's pretty easy to look cool.

It's a little tougher to look manly when you're bunting.  Although the rainbow colors of the 90s-era Astros might not help out that much either.

A while back, I showcased a bunch of Steve Finley cards that happened to capture him bunting.  After showing my twelve favorite Finley cards on 12/12/12, I got itching to show some more of his cards.  Flipping through my player collection binder, I realized that it wasn't just on the front of Steve's cards that demonstrating his perfect bunting form.

I actually kinda like the old Astros uniforms.  Since they got stuck moving to the AL, they've decided to celebrate their first season of getting pummeled by having new uniforms.  They actually look pretty good, I wish the Padres would make a move like this.

If you can't read the "Baseball Quiz" on the Padre card in the middle, it asks "Who owns the Padres first ever home run and hit?"  It's Ed Speizio, father of Scott Speizio.  Ed was the first trade the Friars made after the 1968 Expansion Draft.  With their 30 picks, they didn't get a third baseman, so they had to make a trade to pick one up.

Anyways, yeah, super original, I know, pictures of Steve Finley bunting.  What's next?  Cards of Tony Gwynn hitting?  Benito Santiago throwing out base runners?  Trevor Hoffman with a crazy look on his face?

Hey, I didn't say I was original.

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