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Friday, December 7, 2012

A Padre Again!

Sorry about the Spanglish in the post title - I'm a father again!  My wife and I entered the hospital yesterday morning at 7:00 am, and by 11:29 am, our little guy had emerged triumphantly, weighing in at 8 lbs, 3 oz.

I started this blog a few days after finding out that my wife was pregnant.  I had been contemplating starting the blog for a few weeks before, and I don't know if finding out that I would be having another kid motivated me to finally do it, or if that's just how the timing worked out.  Either way, here are two cards from my second ever post, so maybe it was on my mind a little bit at the time.

Since starting the blog, I have come across other cards that feature the ballplayers with their kids that I like better (mostly because they're Padre cards), but these ones were the first ones I had.

Anyways, to announce the close of the "Naming Rights" Contest (I originally called it that to pretend that the winner of the contest could choose the middle name of our child, since - as of right now - we still haven't settled on one, but I couldn't find a funny way to write it, it just sounded like I was crazy, so I scrapped the idea but kept the title).

Nobody got the correct answer, but Nick from Dime Boxes was able to guess the correct card it came from.  His guess was Alan, but we named him...


It's actually a family name.  Foster Curtis was a member of the Mormon Battalion, a group of volunteer soldiers who formed in 1846, and blazed a trail from Council Bluffs, Iowa, to San Diego, California (almost 2,000 miles!) during the Mexican American War.  We visited the Mormon Battalion Visitor's Center in San Diego over this past summer, and my mom pointed out his name on one of the records, and it struck a chord with me.  I suggested it to the boss, and she liked it (it was way better - in my opinion - than "August", which was my wife's favorite name at the time).   The more research I've done on Foster Curtis, the more impressed I am with the things that he did with his time on Earth.  The man led a very full life.

Not to take anything away from Alan Foster, but we didn't name him after the Padres pitcher who went 6-7 with a 2.95 ERA from 1976-1977.  This was Alan's last baseball card, as he retired a Padre at the end of the '77 season.

My wife and I are both beyond excited.  We introduced Foster to his big sister yesterday, who's only 21 months old, and she couldn't stop smiling and patting his head and pointing to his nose and saying "Baby.  Nose."

Anyways, Nick, email me your address and I'll get some cards sent your way once we're all back home and settled in.  It'll be a few days, because, well, babies take work!

By the way, a few of my thoughts on the names that some of you commenters chose for my baby boy...

Other great names:
* TTG - "Carter" - As you can tell, we like surnames that can also be used as first names.
* Stealing Home - "Oscar" - An all-around cool sounding name, and one of my favorite Sesame Street characters.  I'm sure you've never heard that before.
* A bunch of people - "Chase" - One that we didn't come up with at all during the whole pregnancy, but now that I hear it, I really like it.  

Honorable Mentions:
* Captain Canuck - "Raul Oddibe Akinori Backstop Cards" - Gets a mention for making me laugh, mostly due to the idea that "Backstop Cards" would be his last name.  Also points for the great advice on why Foster should make sure to get along with his sister.
* Dhoff - for wondering why we didn't go with "Archi", after one of my favorite Padres ever, Archi Cianfrocco.  "Angelo" is his given name, which was vetoed as a middle name possibility.  Definitely a smart move on my wife's part.

* Night Owl - "Greg" - I know two prominent "Greg's".  One was capable of hit 50 homers in a season, the other is a Dodger fan.  Couldn't take the chance of the latter happening instead of the former.  A risk not worth taking.
* GCRL - You're right, Marcus is a pretty awesome name, but it's already taken by me, and one is enough for our family.  And you're right, Gaylord would be a pretty tough name to give him nowadays.
* Josh D - I like the name Cameron, but one of my best friends from high school has the name already. Ozzie is a great baseball name, too, the hard thing would be naming him "Osborne" or "Oswaldo" and then trying to get everybody else to call him by his nickname.

Thanks again to everybody who entertained me with your ideas for names!  If Foster ever has any kids in his class named "Nomar", "Mookie", "Mordecai", "Coot", "Sanford", or "Xander", I'll know that there's some baseball parents that I need to meet.


  1. Thanks for the contest! I'll send an email shortly.

    Congrats on the wonderful new addition to your family! Like you, I've always liked those cards that show players with their kids. That Alomar is one of my personal favorites.

  2. Congrats.


  3. Congrats. Nice to meet Foster. I really dig that name.

  4. Marcus, what a a blessing! Congrats to you and Mrs. Backstop on the arrival of Foster (what an amazing name, btw).

    All the best, and God Bless...

  5. Since I'm a girl specially congrats to the mother but for you too ;)