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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Big GWYNNsday

On the last night that my wife was in the hospital with our newborn son, she told me to take our daughter home to spend the night in her own bed (she'd spent the first two nights with friends, and we were trying not to overstay our welcome).  Since we were closer to Austin than we normally are (my wife wanted to go with the same doctor she had with our first child, before we moved), I did a quick check online to see if there were any local card shops in the Austin area.  I found one, and when it was time to leave, I took the scenic route and found... Austin Card Traders.

Well, despite the less-than-exciting name, it was a pretty cool card shop.

Of course, I was with my daughter, and she was already antsy when I got there, so not trusting her to roam the shop willy-nilly, I held her most of the time that I was there, which made it a pretty short trip.

Not a lot of Padres cards (from what I could see), but that's probably to be expected.  Found a few cheap singles, including cards of  Dave Roberts and Rymer Liriano.  I found a jumbo pack of 1993 Upper Deck (one of my favorite sets) for two bucks, and some early 90s European soccer card packs for 50 cents each.  The real find of the day was a jumbo card from 1986.

The card on the right is actually a regular-sized card.  The one on the left is about the size of a postcard.  Fifty cents?  Deal.

There were a bunch of these, all in a stack at the end of an aisle.  I wanted to dig through them and find some stuff worth adding to a trade package or two, but it'd been a few days since she'd had a decent night's sleep, so I had to get moving before she started getting out of hand.

Didn't leave with a whole lot, but hopefully will make it back there the next time I'm in Austin.

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