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Saturday, December 15, 2012

'92 Pinnacle Catchers

I've said it before, 1992 Pinnacle is my favorite all-time set.  There was once a time when I was collecting cards of catchers in their gear (because that is usually part of the recipe for a killer photo), but I kinda abandoned it because... those are pretty common, and I found out that it could get out of hand pretty quickly.

I still hold on to a few that spark my interest, but they don't seem to be as prevalent now as they were in the 90s.  Ever since Mike Piazza came along and made people think that catchers had to be good hitters, there's less cardboard of the mask and pads.

So, here are all of the catchers in gear that I have from the '92 Pinnacle set, Series 1.

Brian Harper is probably my favorite player from this group, but the Tony Pena card is the best looking.  I love how his mask is still in the air, I'm guessing he tossed it as he anticipates a throw to the plate.

Ivan Rodriguez was one of my favorite players as a kid.  I was a catcher in Little League, and had a decent arm and could throw out a runner or two, so he was a guy I looked up to.  Of course, he could also hit pretty well, and I... peaked when I was 11.  The "Shades" card is of Benito Santiago, and is actually from Series 2, but I needed another card to fill in the space.

The Gigantes had two catchers included in Series 1, Steve Decker and Kirt Manwaring.  In 1991, there were three catchers who each played more than 65 games for San Francisco - Decker, Manwaring, and three time All-Star (former Padre) Terry Kennedy.  Of the three, Kennedy had the highest batting average (.234).  In '92, Kennedy retired, and there were five different backstops for the orange and black.  Manwaring played the most games (109) and had the highest average (.244), while Decker played the second fewest (15) and had the second lowest (.163).

There you go, stats for mediocre hitters on a team that I don't like.  Real intriguing stuff.

Anyways, there's something about the black borders of this set that I really like, I guess.  I also really like the Topps sets from '71 and '86, which featured black prominently in the design (although I was less impressed with the 2007 set).  I'm still ten cards away from completing Series 1, so if you have any off my want list, lemme know.

Happy Saturday everyone.  May your day be merry and bright, and all that kinda stuff.

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  1. They are pretty sharp cards. I like the 3D effect with the player's picture overlapping the black border.