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Monday, November 12, 2012

Veterans Day Observed

Being a teacher, I always rely on my "days off" to tell me when our nation celebrates holidays.  Since Veterans Day was on a Sunday this year, we get today off, which is when I thought Veterans Day was.  I realized my mistake last night, when my mom sent me a text message telling me to call my little sister because it was her birthday.  I usually call her in the middle of watching "The Great Escape" (usually seems to be playing on TV on Veterans Day), so since I was watching football, it was a useful reminder.

Anyways, the Padres have a great track record of supporting military and veterans, and no sign is more apparent than their Sunday camouflage uniforms.  There were eight Padres included in 2012 Topps Update (nine cards total, since rookie Yasmani Grandal was included twice), and of those, there were four Padres shown sporting their camo-unis.

I like the blue parallels better than the red ones, the blue seems (a little) closer to the Padres color scheme.

Cashner's beard also helps camouflage his face.  These remind me of a Demetri Martin stand-up bit where he says (paraphrased) that camouflage is great when you're hunting because it makes you hard to see, but has the opposite effect when you are in a crowd of people.  That guy is funny, if you haven't checked him out yet.

According to Gaslamp Ball, there have been seven Padre players who have served in the military.  Of those seven, I have two of them on cardboard:

John "Champ" Summers didn't play baseball until the age of 28.  He served in Vietnam and was signed by the A's in 1971 after being discovered in a men's softball league (how cool is that?).  He played for ten years and six teams, finally ending it with the Padres in 1984, the year the Friars won the NL Pennant. 

Rich was in the minor leagues when he hit the "pause" button and served a tour of duty in Vietnam.  Upon his return, he got back on track, and went on to have an eight year career with four teams.  One of my favorite Jerry Coleman "malaprops" (even though I wasn't alive to hear it in person) is "Rich Folkers is throwing up in the bullpen."

The most famous veteran who has ties to the Padres is obviously "The Colonel", Jerry Coleman.  I've posted about him a few times before, but here is a video that I saw yesterday that showed an interview with the voice of the Padres.

I'll go on record as saying that I am a BIG fan of the Padres current camo uniforms.  Although I do like this Chase Headley O-Pee-Chee card, generally speaking, the old camo uniforms weren't much to look at.

Hope everybody has had the chance to thank a veteran at some point over the weekend.  Take care.

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