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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Trash the 'Stache

Whenever school is out (summer, holidays, etc.), I get a little lax on my shaving habits.  Since I'm not going to work, there's no need to look presentable, right?

When it's time to start to trim my small little beard, I usually leave the mustache for a day or so, just because I think it'd be cool to have one.

I've tried to make it work, and I think the longest I've gone is a month (that was over the summer when I was still in college).  My wife is not a fan of the mustache, but in my head, it always looks really cool, so I keep going back to it.

Then, there is that day when I wake up and finally realize that it's time to lose the facial hair, because it's not the Tom Selleck / Super Mario / Rollie Fingers combo that I keep thinking that I can grow.

It looks just like the Ryno's does here, which is not great.  This is the first Sandberg 'stache that I've seen on a card, and I can tell there's a reason there's not more of these.


  1. I have to have my moustache as I don't look good without it.

    I have a secret envy of all of you who can rock the clean cut look.

    Life is so unfair(first world problems).

  2. Sandberg's stache was just awful.

    I grew a moustache about 12 years ago. I wore it for one year, to my mother's horror. But it just didn't work.

    I often think about being an adult in the '70s when so many guys had facial hair. That would be fantastic. I'd have the whole thing going -- long hair, stache, beard. A regular Al Hrabosky.

  3. Mine grows in very Joe Dirt-like. Very patchy. I have lighter hair so I can go 3-4 days without shaving but then Bam! Patchy.

  4. Perfect card during a perfect time of year: MOvember. (You can find more info and pictures of my sketchy stache at my blog http://manupatchesandchromescratches.blogspot.com/)