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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Trade with the Toddfather

As previously mentioned, I was able to make a trade with Tim from Home of the Toddfather in addition to joining his first ever group break.  Here is some of the cardboard goodness sent down from Tennessee...

Starting with one of my favorite cards first!  Can't go wrong with a Cianfrocco sighting!  Are there any players nowadays who have "IF" listed as their position?  Archi played all of the infield positions except catcher in 1997, when this set was released, and in '96, he played every defensive position except centerfield.  Dude was awesome.  Greg Vaughn was a great slugger for those late 90s Padres.

A couple of Padres showing some stellar glove work.  This is probably my favorite Bip card on the Padres.  Can't go wrong with the "over the fence catch".

I pretty much love all Khalil Greene cards.  

Couple of cards for the player collections.  Love the colored borders here.  The red looks sharp on the Hoffman, and I have a soft spot in my heart for the '91 Fleer set, and Crime Dog looks good in those Toronto blues.

Lastly, an addition to this year's Allen & Ginter Padres set.  Maybin's got a lot of potential, hopefully he can put everything together for 2013.

Thanks a lot for the Padres, Tim!  Dude is a great trade partner and stand up guy.  Well, I mean, it's not like we hang out or anything, but I always think it's cool that in this community we can communicate with complete strangers and they all come across as nice, decent guys.  Tim's no exception.

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