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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

GWYNNsday Group Shot

Can you make out the faces or recognize anybody who is on this team?  These "team" cards always look so awkward to me.  Maybe it's all the empty seats in the background, maybe it's everybody who's asking themselves "what do I do with my hands?"  Either way, this is a great card for any Padres fan because 1985 was the year that the Padres had the most All-Stars.

Having won the NL Pennant in 1984, Dick Williams was able to choose the reserves and pitchers for the team.  He chose:
* Garry Templeton, reserve short stop (back row, third from left)
* Terry Kennedy, reserve catcher (front row, seated, third from right)
* Rich Gossage, pitcher (middle row, fifth from right)
* La Marr Hoyt, starting pitcher (middle row, fourth from right)

The voters also had a hand in helping the Padres make it to Minnesota, as they voted a record three Padres into the starting lineup:
* Tony Gwynn, outfield (front row, second from the right)
* Steve Garvey, first baseman (front row, left end)
* Craig Nettles, third baseman (front row, third from left)

There's some pretty memorable faces that I can barely eke out of this photo, including Dale Murphy in a baby blue Braves jersey sitting in front of Tim Wallach in Expo-red.  Tony is sitting next to Ozzie Smith, Garry is standing next to Fernando Valenzuela, and Nettles is stuck next to Darryl Strawberry.  The Ryan Express is lurking right behind Steve Garvey.  Jeff Reardon's wolf man beard is pretty hard to miss in the middle row, far right.

This was Tony's second All-Star selection of the fifteen that he would receive in his career.  He would go 0 for 1 in this game.

I can't imagine the Padres ever getting that many guys into the All-Star game again, so next year when Chase Headley is our sole representative in New York, I'll look back at this card from 1986 Topps and dream...

SIDE NOTE:  Even though Joaquin Andujar (Cardinals pitcher) was picked by Williams to the squad, he refused to attend because of Dick's decision to start Hoyt.  Hoyt won the game as the Padres got some revenge on the Tigers, who beat them in the World Series in '84.  Hoyt was named the MVP of the game, becoming a member of a select group to win the award in their only All-Star appearance.

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  1. Nice, I had no idea that card existed, I'll have to pick it up.

    Forgive me if I double up on what you already listed but I'm going to take a crack at it:

    BackRow Left to Right: Willie McGee, Fernando Valenzuela, Gary Templeton, Tony Pena, Jose Cruz, Ozzie Virgil, ?Glenn Wilson?, ?Pedro Guerrero?, ?Pete Rose?, Tim Raines

    3rd Row Left to Right: Nolan Ryan, Ron Darling, Jack Clark, Dwight Gooden, Scott Garelts, Dave Parker, Goose Goosage, ?LaMarr Hoyt?, Tim Wallach, Ryne Sandberg, Jeff Reardon

    2nd Row Left to Right: Steve Garvey, Tom Herr, ?Terry Kennedy?, Darryl Strawberry, Dick Williams, ?Cub, ?Astro, Dale Muprhy, ?Graig Nettles?, Tony Gwynn, Ozzie Smith

    Front Row: 4 Padre Coaches?