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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Eight More

After starting this blog and overloading on Padre cards, I feel that I've settled into a "selective" groove with the Friars that are going into my binders.  Not like it's a super exclusive club, but there are certain criteria that need to be met.  I can't (and don't want to be) one of those bloggers who has to have every possible card from their team for it to be complete.  Obviously, there's nothing wrong with that (well, my pockets aren't that deep, so I guess that'd be an issue), but I can drive myself crazy over making things perfect, and I don't want this hobby to do this to me.

That being said, there are plenty of cards out there that I'm looking to add to the binders.  I made a mini-eBay splurge and spent almost five bucks on a small stack of cards from a seller with reasonable shipping.  Here are some highlights (what an annoying show off am I...).

One of the things that I've discovered from reading others blogs is how much I love vintage cards.  Not all of them (some just seem downright ugly to me), but some of them are just great.  1973 Topps is one of those sets that I really dig.  These two bring me to a grand total of five for the team set.  Only 17 more to go!

Interesting bit of info from the back of Kendall's card: he hit his first home run off of a guy named Bob Gibson.  He'd go on to hit a staggering 31 homers in the 2,823 plate appearances of his career.

Next up, two Padres from my generation that are always welcome to the collection.  Fred McGriff was my favorite Padre during his time in San Diego, and he was the first player who actually got me interested in looking back at older cards (as a kid, it was always "the newer, the better).  Usually I prefer Benito cards of him in his catchers gear, but this card is actually co-produced by Topps and McDonalds, which struck me as unique.  I guess the gold foil isn't shining just right, but right next to the Topps logo are those familiar golden arches.  As much as I dislike Mickey D's, they have played a big part in the history of the Padres.

Just wanted to prove that there is some room for non-Padre cards.  Ok, so they went on to become Padres, but that's beside the point.  I still get a kick out of seeing Trevor in the Florida teal.  Less amused when he put on the Brewer blue.  Sterling Hitchcock was a beast in the '98 NLCS against the Braves, and won the MVP of the series, so even though he spent a good chunk of his career away from San Diego, he'll always be a life-time Friar to me.
Finishing it up with two of my all-time favorite players.  I see-saw between Steve Finley and Archi Cianfrocco as my favorite all-time Padres.  Finley was better and more fun to watch, but left in free agency after 1998 and later played for... the rest of the NL West.  Seriously, look it up.  Archi, on the other hand, has a totally awesome name, and spent the majority of his career in San Diego and played every single position except pitcher.  How awesome is that?  This is also a pretty sharp looking Darin Erstad card.

The first minor league game that I went to was with the Lake Elsinore Storm, a single-A team who was (at the time) affiliated with the California Angels.  I saw Darin hit a home run and help his team win the game, and afterwards got his autograph on the score card my dad and I were keeping.  I need to show pictures of that sometime.

Anyways, there's eight more cards going into binders.  As much as I like digging through my card binders (I'm making my grand total of *four* binders sound like some sort of mountain) and admiring everything, it seems like there's never time to fully enjoy them.  Because of that, I love being able to post the pictures here, not just to share with the handfuls of people who occasionally read the blog, but also so I can look back and see some cool stuff that puts a smile on my face.


  1. In reference to your final paragraph, I know exactly what you mean! Sometimes, when it comes to this hobby, I fell that I'm missing the forest because of the trees. Especially now that I've taken to blogging (and trading), my collection has become an even bigger unorganized mess -- one that I just don't take the time to enjoy enough. Plus, just when I think I have time to start getting my s**t together, something comes up or I buy or receive more cards.

    Talk about a first-world problem, eh?!

    1. I hear you man. I used to have a huge music library on my hard drive, and I kept having to buy iPods with bigger memory. Along the way, I found out that I was so focused on finding new music and new bands that I was hardly even listening to "the good stuff" as frequently as I wanted to. Now that my daughter used my 16 gig iPod for a chew toy, I'm using my wife's old 4 gig, and had to just put the best of the best on it. A pain sometimes, but "the hits" are in greater rotation, which is pretty enjoyable.

      Again, first-world problems...

  2. (*counts number of binders*)

    (*decides not to say anything*)

    1. But... but... they're really FULL binders! Oh, ok, fine... still just a rookie :)