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Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Secret's Out

On Saturday, I went to a "City Wide Garage Sale" with my wife and daughter in a town a few miles from ours, held at a convention center.  It happens a few times a year, and I've managed to pick up a few boxes of cheap 90s cards ('92 Fleer Ultra and '92 Topps Stadium Club) in the past, so I was excited to go again, since this would be my first visit since starting this blog.

Speaking of starting this blog...

I've always considered myself a very honest guy.  I don't enjoy keeping secrets or what not.

That being said, I have a confession to make: I have kept this blog a secret from my wife since it was started in April.

We share everything with each other (almost to a fault), so it's been weird and very out of character for me to keep this from her, but I felt that it'd be received negatively, so I kept it under wraps.  Family time is always at a premium, as is money, so collecting baseball cards didn't make a lot of sense to her, and I figured that blogging about them would make even less.  She's known me since we were 18, and it's only been recently that I've started to get back into the hobby, so it's not like it's been something that I've been interested in since the beginning of our relationship.

Well, I finally brought it up casually on Saturday, and she was totally cool with it.  She basically had a "non-response" to the whole situation, like it was no big deal.  She still doesn't really "get it" (which is fine), but she knows that it's something that I enjoy, and she loves me, so it's all good.  She's pretty awesome (not just because of this, but it's an example).

Anyways, to celebrate my newfound freedom, I spent a whopping $2 at the convention center on this card...

It was originally $3, but I was holding my daughter at the time, who was able to charm the old lady who was selling some cards out of a cardboard box, so I got a 33% discount.  I am way into the 1969 Topps set, not because it's got a cool or exciting design (it doesn't), but because it's the first set that featured the Padres (1969 was their inaugural year).  This is my second card from this set, so only... a bunch more to go.

Here's the back of the card.  Gotta love the sketch.

"Preston's" birth name was actually "Pedro", but got the nickname from his birthplace; Preston, Cuba.  He was the first ever manager of the major league Padres, and had the job for just over three seasons.  After losing 110, 99, and 100 games in his first three seasons as the manager in San Diego, Preston was fired after the first eleven games of the 1972 season, in which the Padres went 4-7.  He left the Friars with a .363 winning percentage (180-316), and after spending time as the skipper in Houston and Chicago, he finished his managerial career with a .395 mark (346-529).  He still has the worst record of any Padres manager.

This is a fine and welcome addition to my very small "vintage" collection.  The best part of my trip?  My wife telling me that she would go on ahead and look at another booth if I wanted to stop and look at the card table.

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