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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

26 Cent Trade

I recently completed a trade with Matt at 26 Cent Summer.  This was pretty cool because Matt's blog was one of the first ones that I stumbled into as I was getting into the baseball card blog community.  Just as I was getting into it, he moved and the blog went on hiatus, but he made it back and I quickly hit him up for a trade.

The dude hit all the right notes, nailing a bunch of stuff off my want lists, including a couple of my favorite cards of all time.  That list will make it's appearance on the blog sooner or later, and I don't want to spoil it too much, but I will say that the card above will certainly be making an appearance.  Sheffield, Gwynn, and McGriff were the guys that got me hooked on Padre baseball.  Their stays were short in San Diego, but by that point I was already a die-hard.  The fact that Phil Plantier made it onto a card with the rest of these guys is pretty funny to me.

This is a card that I already had, and had received in a number of trade packages.  However, this one was different, because when you flipped it over... there was nothing there.  I'm pretty sure that this was done on purpose, because if you weren't sure that Tony was deserving of an All-Star nomination and wanted to check his stats to make sure that he earned it... you are a moron.

This was the best looking Gwynn of the bunch.  I love Pinnacle.

Of the cards that Matt threw in were the last two that I thought I needed to complete the 1993 Upper Deck team set (the one at the top of this post and Derek Bell, one of my least favorite Padres ever).  He also included this "On Deck" card, which I had as a kid but I'm sure was destroyed over the years.  The photography in 1993 Upper Deck was excellent.  Now I can say the set is complete!

He also helped a ton with my 1986 Topps team set needs.  I'm not trying to put together team sets for every set ever produced, or even every Topps set.  I just decided to try it for all the sets that I really liked, something that I'd actually like to see full pages of (sorry 1986 Donruss).  Anyways, he knocked out all but three of the cards I needed for this set, which was awesome.

The surprise of the package was the 1998 Pinnacle Inside.  I'd seen these before, but I didn't know that Mr. Padre himself made an appearance on one of these "cards in a can".  Now I'm torn.  Do I open it?  Do I keep it and display it somewhere?  On one hand, I have never been one to not open something for the sake of keeping it in "mint" condition.  On the other hand, I'm pretty sure that whatever cards are on the inside are a lot less cooler than the can with Tony's face on it.  Decisions decisions.

Anyways, a great trade package from a great blogger.  I finally took the time to update the trade list (after a three month break), and things are good to go there, so if you're interested in starting up a trade, shoot me an email!  Still have to update the 2012 Topps Update trade list, but everything else is good to go.  Thanks again, Matt!

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  1. great tony gwynns. my faves are those 86 topps and the can