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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sketchy Looking GWYNNsday

In my head, it seems like the only time you should see a sketch on a baseball card is if:

a) You are a Donruss Diamond King

b) You are on a team checklist in an early 90s Upper Deck set

However, there are many other cards that feature sketches on them.  That is fine, and I do appreciate the artwork (of most of the sketches).  However, it should be noted, that not all sketches are created equal.

For example:


Possible caption for 2009 Goodwin Champions card:
"I wonder what my plaque will look like when I enter the Hall of Fame?  Hopefully something with a bit more of a smile than I'm showing right now..."

Possible caption for 2008 Goudey card:
"Man, I left my box of donuts on the end of the bench right next to Benito!  After taking my BP cuts, I'm going to come back to an empty box and he's going to pretend like he can't speak English and he doesn't know what happened to them... but I'll know.  I'll know."  

I think it's pretty obvious which of these is the better card.  Or does somebody actually like that Goudey card?


  1. LOL.

    I think Tony looks a little constipated in the Goudey card.

  2. ...does anybody actually like Goudey?