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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Caught A Trout

Ok, ok, I'm sure that I can't be the first person to ever use the "caught Trout" angle when pulling a Trout card.  I'm just not that original, I guess.

Even though I kinda hate the Angels for spending Yankee-like money in the offseason to get Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson (although it was satisfying to see them miss the playoffs), how can you not be a Mike Trout fan?

Well, Mr. Trout in cardboard form has eluded me in all of this year's sets.  After picking up a rack pack of 2012 Topps Update, that has been remedied.

Not a bad pull for five bucks.  I've never pulled a jersey swatch from a pack before, so that was pretty exciting.  Kept wanting to look at it on the drive back home.

Thanks for the congratulations, Topps.  I do dig the powder-blue jersey.

The rest of the rack pack was pretty uneventful.  Only two that will be going into binders, the rest into the trade pile.

Glad to see that Deno made the Update set.  My favorite Friar had one of the best Padre cards in last year's Update set, and he's probably got one of the best in this year's as well.

Also keeping this Brian Bogusevic.  He was with the Round Rock Express the first year that I lived in Texas, back when they were still an Astros affiliate.  I went to a game on my birthday and he hit a home run, been a fan ever since.  Didn't have a great season for the Astros, but then again, nobody in Houston had a great season.

Last but not least, here are two other fancy cards that I wasn't really interested in (although I already know the Mets fan who'll be getting this Valdespin card).

Anyways, there's my obligatory showing of my first purchase of Update.  I had a lot of other All-Star Game cards, but the Padres' only rep, Huston Street, got shut out of that (didn't play, didn't get a card), and the ones I pulled didn't interest me at all.  Need to do a major update of my trade list so I can get these out of here.


  1. Holy smokes, that's outstanding! Congrats!

    One of these days I'll actually pull a decent card from a rack pack...

  2. OMGosh thats a beauty. Wish you were a Rangers collector, I pulled a Josh Hamilton yesterday.