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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Affordable Group Break Loot: TSC '95-'96

When reading Colbey's blog about opening up ten boxes of early/mid 90s cards, he mentioned that some might not be interested, since back then there weren't the oh-so-valuable autograph-relic-refractor-serial numbered-parallels like there are now (I'm probably paraphrasing).  As nice as those are (seriously, if you're giving 'em away, I'll take 'em), I always enjoy the simpleness of a base card done right.

As much as I liked the '94 set, the '95 TSC boxes produced my favorite cards by far...

I was unaware of what these "Virtual Reality" cards were, but apparently the stats on the back show what could have happened in 1994 had the season not been shortened by a player strike.  I guess I should've shown the back of this card instead of the front.  Maybe next time.  Anyways, you may or may not be aware, but in 1994, Mr. Gwynn was bidding to be the first person to hit over .400.  Tony led the league with a .394 average in 110 games.  Oh, what could have been.  I also got a Scott Sanders card like this.

Some more "non-base" base cards.  You might not be able to tell from the photos, but the lettering in these has that "rainbow foil" effect, which makes these look pretty good.  Don't see a lot of shots with Tony in the "post-contact, full extension" pose, but this looks good.  Probably as "extreme" any shot of Gwynn is going to get.  This "Transaction" card of Caminiti was right on the mark: that trade is one of the biggest and best trades the Padres have ever made.

Speaking of the trade that brought Caminiti to San Diego, it also brought along the best center fielder that the Padres have ever had.  Can't have too many Finley cards.

This was probably the jewel of the box.  These cards were printed on acetate, so you can actually see right through it.  This is actually my second Gwynn "Clear Cut", so it'll be making it's way to the home of another huge Padre fan.

Last, but not least, the 1996 TSC...

Something about the '96 TSC just seems kind of boring to me.  I contemplated not even posting any of the base cards, but I'm contractually obligated to show a certain of Tony Gwynn cards per month.  Plus,  two Hall of Famers in one shot is pretty impressive, especially when it looks like Tony is stealing second.  Tony only had 28 swipes between '95 and '96, still not a bad number, but nowhere near his career high of (ahem56 in 1987.  Guess a decade of major league work will do that to a guy.

By 1996 I was already on my way out of the hobby, so seeing these inserts is a first time experience for me.  Glad to see that some Padres pitchers were being represented on the "TSC Team".  They made some moves to bolster their offense late in the season, but their pitching was what was winning a lot of games for them that year.  Ashby was an integral part of the 1996 NL West winning Padres, going 9-5 with a 3.23 ERA.  Hamilton was a factor for that division winning team as well, going 15-9 with an ERA of 4.17 while pitching 211 innings.  

I had some more detailed stats of the breakdowns for the different years of TSC that I got from this break, but I've since misplaced it.  Here's the abridged version:

Doubles: plenty
Gwynns: 7
Cianfroccos: 1
Non-Base Cards: 3

Satisfied Customers: me

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