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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Two-Sided GWYNNsday

It's another GWYNNsday.  Is the week half empty, or half full?

I won't get into a philosophical tirade here, so let's go to the cardboard.

I'll say it again, I love the 1993 Leaf set.  Here are both sides of one of the "Gold Leaf Stars" cards.

I'm guessing that Jose Canseco and Tony Gwynn got paired up with each other for this one because they're both right fielders.

Maybe it's because they were known as some pretty bulky outfielders (admittedly for different reasons).  

Or maybe it's because they could both rock a pair of shades.

Either way, I think that it should be universally agreed upon that Anthony Keith got shafted by getting stuck on the back of this card.  I know that it's a "two-sided" card, but the MLB logos and stuff that traditionally go on the back of a card are plastered to the better side of the card.  I guess Canseco might have been considered a more "exciting" star at the time?  More interesting?

Regardless of logos, I think you can assume which way this card is facing in my Gwynn binder.

Have a GWonderful GWYNNsday.

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