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Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Painted Joyner

For those of us who don't have teams vying for a World Series trophy, this is the Hot Stove time of year, and things are already heating up!  The first former Friar in the headlines was Wally Joyner.  He was recently hired on as the assistant hitting coach for the Phillies, his first gig as a coach (in the majors) since he resigned as the Padres' hitting coach in 2008.  For some reason, he was also able to land a job as the hitting instructor for the Chinese team in the World Baseball Classic.

I got this card on my first trip to the most local LCS in my area a few months ago.  I remember having it as a kid, but it got a little beat up over time, and Lord knows where it is now.  There are some pretty ugly sketch cards that Donruss has put out over the years, but this is definitely a winner in my book.

Wally was a great Padre, being not only a member of my favorite incarnation of the Padres (1996 NL West Champs), but also the best incarnation of the Padres (1998 NL Champs).  When he first made it over to San Diego, I remember that he was ribbed a little for being bald, and he actually ended up doing a photo shoot for the team magazine in a "Friar Tuck" type robe, in the same pose as the Padres' mascot, the Swinging Friar.

To order a free copy of one of Mr. Joyner's favorite books, feel free to click here.  Have a great Sunday!

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