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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Halloween GWYNNSday

Okay, so it's Wednesday and it's Halloween!

Tonight, I'll be out trick-or-treating with my daughter for the first time.  She's 20 months old, and wasn't able to walk this time last year (due to her development as a child, not a physical ailment or anything - but thanks for the concern).  She'll be dressed up as a cat (i.e. is wearing a black shirt, has some drawn on whiskers, and a black headband with cat ears on it), which is much less cooler than my first Halloween costume, which was...

A Padre uniform.

I'll have to have my mom send pictures so that I can prove it, because I still think it was pretty awesome, especially since I was born in Oregon (my dad was from there, but my mom was from San Diego, they both met during college in Utah).

Anyways, short post today.  There are so many awesome Gwynn cards that I can't imagine ever running out of cards to show for this feature. However, I was thinking about rummaging around and finding the worst/"scariest" looking Gwynn to post for today.

But, I'm too lazy to do that, so I decided to go with this from the 1991 Fleer set.  This set holds a dear place in my heart, since it was the first pack that I ever ripped.  It took me 21 years to finally get this Gwynn, out of a Padres team set from eBay.  When I started this blog, I had the idea that I'd try to collect every Padre card ever made, but have since abandoned that idea in an effort to salvage my sanity.  However, this is one team set that I treasure and always enjoy looking at.

Why did I choose it for Halloween?  Well, based on the color scheme of this card (yellow border with an orange and white subject), I thought it looked a little like the popular (at least for me) Halloween treat candy corn.  I've also heard some negative comments on the state of mind that the people who came up with the yellow border must have been in (mad scientists?).  Or, I could go with Night Owl's description of this set, which is the "yellow police tape" set.  Sounds spooky, right?


Ok, fine.  Happy Halloween.  Hopefully your daughters aren't going to any parties dressed up as cats.

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