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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A '71 I Almost Forgot

So yesterday I showcased some 1971 Topps cards from my collection, as well as some other copycat designs.  Afterwards, I kept digging through my binders and found a card that should've been included in the post.

I picked this up from my summer trip to San Diego.  Found it in a 50 cent box and thought it was cool enough to pick up and become my first actual 1971 Topps card.  I thought it was kinda unique in that the photo is so zoomed out.  A lot of dirt in this picture, hard to really tell what Brooks Robinson is doing on all fours there (that sounds weird as I'm reading it out loud).

Game 5 of the 1970 World Series was the clincher for the Baltimore Orioles.  They won the first three before the Reds delayed the celebration in game 4.

Not quite sure how a game that was won 9-3 is represented in card form by a defensive play.  The O's had nine runs on 15 hits, while the Reds scored their three runs on only six hits.

Anyways, hopefully the Orioles can recall some of that 1970s magic and man up against the Yankees.  New York and Detroit were the only AL teams that I was hoping wouldn't advance, but it looks like both of them stand a pretty good shot at going to the ALCS.


  1. I like 'dust' cards but this one must go to 'dig' collection. Great add to your collection for sure!