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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Trade with Play At The Plate

As I write this, it's Saturday night and I'm watching the MLB Network.  We're having the dish guy come out on Tuesday to switch over our tv, but I can still watch the stuff that we recorded before we moved.  I'm currently watching the "50 Greatest Plays at the Plate".  Thought it would be appropriate to show the goods from a trade with that dude from Play At The Plate.

Not a lot of Padre action in the Play at the Plate countdown so far.  Brian Jordan, a notorious Padre killer made the list as a Dodger for bowling over San Diego catcher Gary Bennett.  Mr. Padre himself made it to #29 for scoring the winning run in the 1994 All Star Game.  It was pretty awesome to see him get so amped up after getting the call.

Anyways, on to the loot that was sent my way this week.

Love these Bowman Ice cards.  This is my first Padre one, which is cool, even though injuries kept Darnell from appearing in more than seven games this year.

Purple is also cool.  My first full-time teaching job was at a small town Texas school in a town of just over 1,000 people, and school color was purple.  I went from hating purple to embracing it, and I still wear it once in a while.  Anyways, here are two big Padre prospects.  Hedges looks to be the future at backstop, and Freiman is a 6'7" giant.

When I originally contacted Brian about this trade, I figured that the Bowman Ice would be the crown jewel of the deal.  I was wrong.  He totally hooked me up with an awesome Padre team set!

1984 Mother's Cookies!  The year I was born, and the year the Padres went to their first World Series!  I love the Mother's Cookies sets, but I didn't know that they had done it for so long.  All of the cards look cool, but here are my two favorites.

Gwynn and Garvey.  Can't go wrong here.  This and Tony's '84 Topps card are the oldest Gwynn cards that I have.  I have a few Garvey cards, but I think most of them are in the same pose.

Thanks again for the sweet cards, Brian!  Can't tell you how stoked I was to see that team set in there!

Oh great, just got to #2 on the countdown: Matt Holliday scoring on a sac fly against the Padres in the 163rd game of the year in 2007. 


No, I'm not bitter at all...

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