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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Night Owl Generosity

I've made the habit of stopping by our old place once in a while (our technical "move out" date isn't until the 15th, so we're still paying two rents, ug) to check the mail, something that I know I wouldn't be doing if I wasn't doing this blog.  Well, yesterday I found a surprise package from Night Owl!  Glad I stopped by.  I also got two packages at the new house, the first to make it to the new address, so those'll be up later on this week.

How sweet is this Gwynn card?  I've busted a few packs of this year's Allen & Ginter, but haven't been overly impressed by the cards that I've pulled.  Fortunately, Night Owl was generous enough to hook me up with this card of Anthony Keith, all decked out in his 80s brown and yellow.  Love this card.

He was also kind enough to go over my scant want lists and help me out with a few team sets.  First up is Topps Series 1.  I've been needing this Latos card for a while, glad to finally put Series 1 & 2 to bed.  Update is next, I guess, although there are still a few inserts I'm on the lookout for.

These two cards get me to within ONE of the Rangers 2011 Topps team set.  I'll be honest, I have no idea who Mason Tobin is, but that's the last card I need.  Last week I was listening to the Austin sports talk radio station, and they were talking about baseball (a rarity since Longhorn football season is in full swing).  This particular show knows so much about football that it boggles my mind, but when it comes to basic baseball information, they are completely clueless.  They were talking about the resurgence of the Angels, and it took them about three minutes to think of their big offseason pickups... Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson.  Wilson even pitched for TEXAS last year!  Oh well, there's a reason there isn't a TV show about high school baseball in Texas.

There were also a pair of Hoffman's in this package, and this was my favorite.  I'm a big fan of this year's Heritage set, but some of the past sets I'm not too high on.  This is a great looking card.

After school yesterday, I was looking through the box of discarded Padre cards that I've been giving out to my students.  So far this year, they've been a big hit.  A series of posts by Night Owl on the best card backs of all time (I know it was written over a year ago, but I'm a slow reader, okay?) got me thinking about some of the Padres cards that I judged to be not worthy of keeping based solely on the card fronts. I started digging around and found a dozen or so that were pretty nice looking from behind (wait, that doesn't sound right) that have found their way back into my collection.  They'll get their day on the blog soon enough, but probably not until my camera gets fixed.  It's not too hard to find pictures of cards online, but card backs would be pretty difficult.

The note along with the cards from Greg was great.

"I don't even know why I'm communicating with a Padres fan right now."  Probably sent around the time the Pads took two of three from his Dodgers.

Thanks to Night Owl and the power of cardboard, building bridges between division rivals!

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  1. Gah! Padres!

    At least they know baseball in San Diego. Texas, sheesh.

    Guess I'll have to get your new address.