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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

NFL Opening GWYNNsday

Quick post so I can get back to next week's lesson plans... not that I'll be distracted by the first NFL game of the year.  The cable won't be connected in the new digs until Monday.  Not sure that I'd watch it anyways, since I'm not a Cowboy fan, and ever since Eli spurned San Diego (the team that originally drafted him), I haven't been a fan of Peyton's little bro, either.

Just a boring old base card for today's GWYNNSday, from 1992 Fleer Ultra.

This was one of the first sets that I really "collected" as a kid.  I liked '92 Topps, but the gloss and foil won me over.  Plus, no boring borders, and full color pictures on the back?  Sounded great to me.  Looking at the set now, most of the pictures are pretty run-of-the-mill, not a lot of action, mostly guys standing around "about" to do something (swing, catch, throw, etc.).  Still nostalgic for me.

Anyways, I was glancing through Anthony Keith's wikipedia page and read that he said he was a baseball player with "a football player's body".  From looking at this card, I would say that he wasn't talking about playing quarterback.  Or punter.  I'm thinking somebody on the line, in the trenches, or maybe a between-the-tackles snow plow of a running back.

Well, enough of a break.  Back to figuring out how to planning lessons on literary foreshadowing and use of sensory language in writing.

Oh wait!  Can't forget, a special congrats is in order to my favorite current Padre, Chris Denorfia!  

Besides taking Clayton Kershaw yard on the first pitch of Tuesday's game against LA (a game which my Pads were able to take 6-3 after 11 innings), his contract was extended through the 2014 season!  He is currently the team leader in batting average (.290), even though Chase Headley is mere points behind him, and Headley has twice the ABs.  He's certainly earned the deal, as he epitomizes hustle and is a true gamer, everything you'd ask for in a guy who regularly comes off the bench.  My kinda player.

Plus, he was cool enough to sign a ball for me and my little brother during Spring Training this year.  His is at the bottom, starting with a capital "C", and ending with what I'm guessing might be the number "13" (it is his jersey number).  He signed just before a game against the Royals, and was super nice.  The sigs above his were from a practice that we saw earlier in the day from prospects Connor Powers and Cory Spangenberg (both in single A Lake Elsinore this year).

Hope the Padres can take the series from the Dodgers tonight!  Go Friars!

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