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Monday, September 24, 2012


I don't know if anybody else was having problems with blogger this weekend, but I was unable to post for three days (Friday-Sunday).  A few things have happened in baseball since then.

Padres have been officially eliminated from the playoffs (hey, if you had told me after that horrid start to the season that it would take until late September to be eliminated, I would've been surprised).
Andrew Cashner and Carlos Quentin, two big off-season pickups have been injured.  Cashner has been shut down for the season, and most people think that CQ should be as well, since there's not a whole lot to play for.

I found out that the World Baseball Classic is having it's qualifying games, and that the Israeli team has some heavy Padre representation (managed by Padre scout/former player Brad Ausmus, coached by former Padre Mark Loretta, with two Padres minor leaguers, Cody Decker and Nate Freiman on the team as well).  Anybody else following that?  I watched the last two innings of an extra inning game between Spain & Israel last night, which Spain was able win, 9-7.

Huston Street returned last night from the DL to record his 22nd save of the year, which also happened to be the 200th of his career.  Bright spot!  Also happened to pull this card from a pack of A&G this weekend as well.

Meanwhile, I've been swamped with school stuff and have been able to read blogs in my spare time, but not been able to post.  Hopefully this week is a little slower than last, but I won't count on that.

Anyways, with a few players gone on the DL, and the Padres officially bounced from the playoff race (although they can still be spoilers), I figured I'd have the Bouncing Souls back on a Music Monday with one of my favorite songs, appropriately titled "Gone".

Enjoy your Monday.


  1. World Baseball Classic, Bouncing Souls, Yellow and Brown...mine kind of blog post.

  2. Glad you like it! A post for the overwhelmingly large demographic that's looking for obscure baseball references and punk rock music set to an ugly background. We aim to please.