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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Affordable Hoffman

We've been living in our new rental house for about five days now, but it seems like work is never done at the old place across town.  Cleaning toilets, changing bulbs, mowing the lawn, packing up things we forgot the last time we were there.  I guess it might not sound like a lot, but throw in the fact that the house we're currently in is still being unpacked and is a small disaster, and I'm still trying to make it through the second week of school, and it's been... hectic, to say the least.

Never fear, however!  Colbey from Cardboard Connections finished an awesome "Affordable Group Break" at the end of last month, and my mid-90s Topps Stadium Club Padres are here!  One of the benefits of having to stop by the old rental so much is that I can check the mail, which is where most trade packages are still being sent (I think I've emailed a few trade partners, but if you don't have the new address, shoot me an email).I'll be showing off a few of the cards that came my way throughout the next few days (hopefully), but I thought I'd just do a quick post and say how awesome Colbey is, because in addition to having an awesome and affordable group break, he also threw in a Marlins card of a young soon-to-be Padre closer.

Man!  I know that the Padres uniforms aren't great, but no way are they worse than this!  Okay, to be honest, I don't really have anything against the teal, but I was watching a "Worst Uniforms" countdown on the MLB Network's "Prime Nine", and it was funny listening to how much the players hated wearing those, and how embarrassed they felt as professional athletes.

Glad Hoffy made it to San Diego.


  1. I was about to send you a package...do you have a new address?

    1. Just e-mailed you. For everyone else, it's the same city, state, and zip code, but the new street address is

      614 W. Avenue A

  2. Glad you are happy w/ your first group break haul! I remember seeing something about Hoffman on your blog and since no one had the Marlins I thought "why not?" and tossed that Hoffman in your stack.