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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

30 Year-Old GWYNNsday!

Okay, so this card isn't exactly thirty years old, but it is now mine thanks to Brian, the gracious man behind 30 Year Old Cardboard.  He posted this card on his blog a while back, and I commented that it was one of the few specific cards on my want list.  I totally didn't expect him to part with such a sweet card (I mainly just make a point to comment on every post that I see that features a Padre card), but he told me to take it off my want list, it was in the mail.  What a guy!

From what I initially heard, I didn't expect to like this year's Archives set.  And I guess that I'm not the hugest fan of it, but I did love and complete the 1971 style set (50 cards), and there were some other cool inserts that I held onto.  This by far was my favorite card from the whole set.

Not the best shot of Tony, and "action" might not be the best way to describe his running in the mid/late 90s (when this shot was taken).  Still, I really like this one, and was way stoked to get it.  It may not be "30 year old cardboard", but it is modeled after 1982 Topps, which is a 30 year old set.

Thanks for being awesome, Brian!  Still waiting to get some awesome Marlins to send your way!  Those seem about as rare as awesome Padres cards nowadays.

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