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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Whittling Down the Collection

When I first started this blog, I had an 1.5" binder that was halfway full of Padre cards.  Less than four months later, due to the extreme generosity and cooperation of thoughtful readers and bloggers, the number of Padres in my possession has exploded.  It seriously boggles my mind how many I have, although I'm sure that there are other collectors who's team collections far surpass mine.

Still, it's too much.

Do I really want to collect all the Padres' cards?  The Padres are a pretty young club, but have still been around for 43 years.  Multiply those years by the number of players that have had cards, plus the number of base sets that have been made (especially in the 90s), then the number of inserts and short prints and serial numbers and parallels, and it's enough to drive you crazy.  How many cards is that?

Too many.  For me, at least.

I can get a little OCD when it comes to some things, and it kills the fun.  And when it comes down to it, looking at a great card of a favorite player is fun, while looking at a 1990 Topps card of Fred Toliver doesn't do much for me (sorry Fred, that's the random card I pulled out of the box).  It was cool to have finished the 1991 Score team set almost exclusively through trades, but afterwards, I realized that I didn't really like '91 Score as a kid, and only liked it slightly more now.  So, the whittling has begun.

It wouldn't feel right to just discard all the Padre goodness that I've accumulated, even if it doesn't make the cut.  Last school year I passed out cards to the 5th grade class I teach, and I think I'll do it again this year, so they'll be getting a heavy dose of Padre cardboard (although if they have a team that they like, I'll try to hook 'em up).

So now the obvious question - So, what are your new "perameters" for what you're going to collect?  Since you've spent so much time writing this, you obviously have given it a lot of thought and have specific criteria for what you are looking for.

Of course I haven't.  Who's to say what might strike my fancy?

Most of the stuff I've posted on this blog is awesome and will be staying with me.  Some cards like these, of course, are obviously cool...

Two Padres who excelled in the 90s during the beginning of my love for baseball and cards.  Plus, they're inserts, which used to mean something more than it does today.

And vintage is awesome regardless of who it is...

Whether it's the awesome uniforms, the storied players, or just the fact that it's pieces of cardboard that are older than me, I can't help but love these.

Others are cool in a more specific, not quite so obvious way...

Cards of pitchers hitting are rare enough to hold on to.  Same with those players who's stop is so brief that they only have one card with that team.  

 Some players seem to have spent so much time with the team (even though, in Greg's case, it was just the first five years of his career) that you want to have to rookie card to remember when it started.  Others joined the Friarhood at the end of their careers, and did better than expected.

Anyways, in the next few days, I'll be showcasing some of the stuff that I really like about my collection.    I don't really know who will care, but it'll be fun for me to do.  Better than a report on the pack of Panini Triple play that I just ripped (yeah, I bought one from Target yesterday), or post on a trade that I just completed (although, I do have a donation post that I'm working on, so that's different).


  1. Fernando as a Padre is always very wrong.

    Pads have been around only 43 years. Yikes, you almost had me being over 50 years old!

    1. In my head, Fernando was always a Dodger who disappeared for a few years before washing onto the shores of San Diego. I didn't know that he spent time as an Angel, Oriole, and Phillie in between those two. But yeah, I know how the Dodger bloggers react to Fernando as a Friar.

      Sorry about being a decade off, it's been corrected! I'll havta talk to my editor about the fact-checking going on.

  2. Aw shoot. I just sent you the mother lode of Fred Tolliver Padres cards, too.