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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Unexpected Otherworldly Trade!

Just when I thought that I knew about all the trade packages coming in (I thought there would be only two coming up in the next week or so), I got ambushed by a package from Dan's Other World.  It was a welcome surprise, especially since A) I already sent my end of the package, so I could enjoy opening it without thinking about having to put together a return package, and B) The Padres have been in a miserable slump.  After winning six in a row at one point, they've lost four in a row, by a a combined score of 28-2.  

This year's Padres (along with the Padres from most recent years) won't often be confused with any offensive juggernauts, so only scoring two runs in four games is disappointing, but not entirely shocking.  However, allowing an average of seven runs a game?  Even a team that's 16 games under .500 should be doing better than that.

So, like I said, the package was a welcome relief to an otherwise gloomy (a Texas thunderstorm had started just as I was getting back home) day.  Especially when this was the first card that I pulled out of the package.

I love Heritage, but the Heritage "chrome" cards have always looked kinda weird to me, so this is a Heritage parallel that I like.  From what I gather, this is a "Black sparkle" Wrapper-redemption card of the Padres most dominant pitcher since Jake Peavy.  

There was even more sparkly goodness the more I dug through the package!  Ok, I'm a big fan of regular, boring base cards.  I really am.  But, no lie: I like these.  Plus, Darnell has been up with the Padres a few times, so he's not some "no-name" prospect.  Well, I mean, at least I've heard of him.

As I've been thinning my Padres collection, I came to a crossroads: I want some Padres cards from "The Greatest Pitcher That I've Ever Seen Pitch In Person" (Greg Maddux), but all the ones I had were kinda lame.  Problem solved.  The 2008 A&G base card is nice, clean, and classy, and the sketch card is... so bad it's good?  Man, I thought the late 80s/early 90s "Diamond Kings" from Donruss were hard on the eyes...  Still love it, though.

After loving Caminiti as a player, then despising him after he retired, I've come to terms with his place in Padre history.  I'd love it if the Padres brought back the yellow and brown uniforms for good, and would love it even more if Cameron Maybin grew out his hair like Jerry Turner.

Of course, no Padres trade package would be complete with out some Gwynn-age.  Dan sent me a pretty fair amount of them, and there were seven of them that I didn't have.  Not too shabby.  This was my favorite one.  Not sure how Tony was able to complete his swing with that huge flag right behind him.

Anyways, it was great to come home and dig into these and dream of a time when the Padres won't be so bad...  Hopefully Eric Stults will be able to rebound tonight against Barry Zito and the Giants.  Or at least last past the 3rd inning.  (Note: This was written on Friday.  On Saturday the Padres lost 8-7, and Stults lasted six innings, giving up five runs, though Brad Brach was saddled with the loss.)