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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

That's Gold, Jerry!

Ok, I watched an episode of Seinfeld last night (the one where George gets a promotion from George Steinbrenner because he keeps accidentally making his boss look bad) that made me think of this card that I got from Mark at This Way To The Clubhouse and prompted that incredibly original post title.  In case you can't tell... it's GOLD!

Well, gold colored cardboard, at least.  In fact, there were four different Caminiti offerings in the package Mark sent me, all from 1997 Stadium Club.  It's always cool to get cards that I've admired but never been able to get a hold of, but it's also fun to get cool cards that I didn't even know existed.  All of the Caminiti's fell under this category.

This "Patent Leather" card is a really cool die-cut.  Cammy was voted as the unanimous MVP in 1996, mostly due to his 40 homers, 130 RBIs, and excessive steroid use.  However, he was also a Gold Glove winner that year, and the dude could man the hot corner like nobody's business.

They weren't all Caminiti's.  He also sent me a couple of blue bordered Padres from this year's Topps set, including this year's All-Star rep.  And a cool Brad Ausmus card.  Ausmus was a pretty lousy hitter, but was a great defensive catcher, and was a guy I looked up to as a kid (I was all glove and no bat, at least by the time I was 12).  Dude liked to throw out runners!  But, what makes it cool is that there's a cameo of my favorite Padre, Steve Finley!  Celebrating a run with a quick round of patty-cake was all the rage in '96.  Those were the days...

Also included was another Padres catcher who liked to gun down runners.  Benito is rocking the '92 All-Star Game patch, which was held in San Diego, as well as an arm-band that has a picture of himself on it.  Once your face gets on an item of clothing, and you wear that clothing, you know you've made it.  This was also from the "1st Day Production" of TSC, which is denoted by the pretty foil in the top right corner.  Very classy.

As usual, a great set of cards from Mark.  I've actually managed to expunge my trade boxes of all pre-2011, non-Padre cards, so any trades I'll be making will be with boring old set needs from '11-'12.  I really need to update my tradelists, actually, but with school starting on Monday and actually being in training all of this week, that probably won't be happening soon.

Anyways, make sure to vote for Mark as part of Nachos Grande's Blog Bracket Contest.  He's won the first two rounds with some great writing, and, while I haven't read his latest entry, I'm sure it's a winner as well.

Aaaaaannnnnnnndddddddddd... props to the Padres for beating the Pirates last night, 3-1.  Edinson Volquez rebounding in a big way, going 6 and 2/3 innings, giving up 1 run on 5 hits with 10 K's!  Can't blame 10 K's on the fences and marine layer at Petco!  And Dale Thayer gets the save for the injured Huston Street, helping out my fantasy team, The Fighting Cianfroccos.  A Padres win, coupled with a good first day of training at school makes for a pretty good Monday, as far as Monday's go.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed these, Marcus. I had never seen those particular insert sets before either, but I got a few of them in the '97 TSC lot I won on eBay a while back. Figured you needed them a lot more than I did!

    Also, thanks for the contest props.